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i don't know what that one is... but if it makes you work hard, then probably yes. howver, if you eat more than you burn off then you will put on weight anyway, but your muscles will still be more toned. Yes, but i don't believe these stories of successful weight loss, and i certainly dont believe you can gt that thin so quickly. so it does work-as in it does burn calories, but i dont think it gets the results that quickly. but still. it is fun and u r burning calories, so thumbs up to "the hotpants workout" ;)

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โˆ™ 2006-09-03 20:55:41
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Q: Does the hotpants workout really work?
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Does the p90x workout actually work?

The P90X workouts do really work. I started not too long ago and i have lost 19 pounds. You really need to try it.

Is sex a good work out?

Sex is certainly good, but it doesn't really qualify as a "workout". Sorry.

Does Jamie Lynn Spears wear hotpants?

Yes. Yes.

What is a plank workout?

The plank workout is a really good abdominal exercise.

What is a great thigh workout?

i wouls say the deadlift, leg press, and the hack-squat. these really work your legs.

Where can I buy a really good workout calendar from?

Here is a site for you. Not only does it have a work out calendar for you, it also gives you access to all kinds of resources to help with your over all fitness plans!

Does insanity workout really work?

Yes it does work before I used insanity I looked like your mom now I look great like your sister

Do you know where I can really workout and get a beach body?

At a gym. You can get a work out going at a gym, because that is what they are there for, a gym is used to get into shape and work out for sure. Try a gym.

What is Niall Horan's turn ons?

Bieng funny hotpants farting

Does the six star creatine supplement really work?

Only if your using it with a regular workout regiment and a high protein diet.

What part of the body does rowing work on?

It's really a full body workout, but you work: 60% quadriceps/legs 30% core/abs 10% arms

Is workout a verb?

Workout as one word like that is a noun. To use it as a verb, you would split it into two words. For instance, "I'm going to go work out." Then, later, "I'm done with my workout." Work out is the verb form, and workout is the noun form. Workout can also be an adjective, as in "I'm changing into my workout clothes."

Is there any muscle enhancements that actually really work besides steroids?

Protien shakes replenish you after a workout. Everything else is a scam.

How many people regularly work out on gym equipment in the USA?

Answer: I believe that millions of people are members of some gyms. The truth is that people dont really believe in home workouts but these home workout program really work.

Formula for calculating efficiency of people doing work?

Efficiency = workout / workin * 100% how do I format this in the worksheet if the workout=KG what the work in will be?

When your lifting is it better to do the same muscle workout after another or to do one muscle workout then do the opposite muscle workout?

It doesn't really matter, do what feels best for you.

Jim Dangle was the hotpants-wearing lieutenant on what TV show?

Reno 911

What marine workout really works for toning?

The marine workout obviously. A workout marines do is effective for toning because that is why they do it. For toning, and stuff. Inquire a marine directly.

Are elliptical workout machines effective?

Elliptical workout machines can be very effective. An elliptical workout is really a low-impact workout, and you can burn as many calories as by jogging without the strain of actually jogging.

What is a work out called?

A workout is called excersize .

What compound word start with work?


How can you tell if a workout worked?

You can tell a work out worked with the energy and pressure exerted on your body during the workout. You will know when your workout is effective as you will have pains and tiredness.

Best leg workouts?

Squats for working out the thighs. Calf raises that workout the calfs Wall sits work really well Jump rope

Will the ghetto workout work will?

The ghetto workout can work for many people out there. Here is a few sites on it for you to look I hope this helps you , and

Can you take pre-workout and post-workout supplements at the same time?

Can you? yes, i mean it's physically possible but why would pre-workout be called "pre" workout if your taking it after your work out ? It would just be foolish to do that because the pre workout wouldn't do anything for you. you would just be getting energized after your already done working out there would be no point. take your pre workout supplement 10 minutes before you work out and take your post workout protein/supplement within thirty minutes after your workout. I recommend taking your post workout A.S.A.P. after your workout.