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Yes it does. The iPad has 2 cameras... one for FaceTime and skype in the front, and one on the back for pics and videos.

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Yes, of course, you can run skype on computors without camera so why not? The sound is very good on the ipad when skyping.

No, I do not think so. Skype is a live communicating application and unless you could somehow connect the camera to your iPad, I don't think it's possible.

The current iPad does not have a built in camera. A camera connection kit can be purchased to add pictures from a camera to the iPad. It is rumoured that the next version of the iPad will have a built in camera.

If the iPad has no camera, its the iPad 1st generation. If the iPad has a camera but not a retina display, its an iPad 2. If the iPad has a camera with retina display, but its missing a lightning port, its an iPad 3. If the iPad has a camera with retina display with the lightning port, its the newest iPad.

The iPad currently has a built-in camera.

Yes Skype works on ipads.

No, the iPad doesn't come with a built-in camera.

A Ipad 2 just came out with a camera.

No, the first generation iPad had no camera.

No. The camera was introduced in iPad 2.

You can find a Skype camera for your television set by going to the Skype website. There is a link that directs you to the type of TVs that have Skype software with a list of the type of camera that is needed.

Yes, Skype is available on the iPhone, the iPod Touch, and the iPad.Since there is a Skype application for the iPhone and the iPod Touch - and ALL applications from the above can run on the iPad - you can install the Skype app on the iPad. There is a built-in microphone so you can call straight from your iPad!Visual Artistics: Top notch website design company based in Singapore.

There is no iPad phone. I am assuming you are talking about the iPhone and the iPad cameras. The iPhone camera is currently on the same level as quality as the iPad camera.

You need a Webcam to use Skype. Not a Original Camera!

If you want to show yourself, just look at the screen. The front camera is the default. You can also enable the rear camera instead if you want to show the person you are Skyping with what you are looking at.

There is no such thing as an iPod camera connector. However, there is an iPad camera connector that only works with the iPad.

The iPad2 is the only iPad with a camera, in fact it has Two.

Yes, you can connect your camera to your iPad using the camera connector.

The original iPad does not have a camera, but every iPad released following the original is equipped with both a front-facing and rear-facing camera.

If you're talking about that original iPad, it doesn't have a camera. If you're talking about the iPad 2, there IS a camera, but it's not on the apple.

You can't really get a camera on your iPad. The only way of getting a camera on it is to buy one of themore recent iPad models that has come out.

The ipad 1 does not the ipad 2 does.

There is no way to 'lock' the camera. If your camera does not work, try shutting down the iPad and restarting it.

Yes, you can. By going to the App Store you can download for free the Skype app. There is the iPad app or iPhone app. Both usable.