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There are schools of thought that believe just that. The book 'The Languages of Pao' investigates the cultural impact on a society that is taught specialty languages for each aread of expertise: military, scientific, trade, while maintaining a unique (noun absent) archaic language.

It is generally agreed that language and culture are closely related. Language can be viewed as a verbal expression of culture.

Consider a simple thing like a greeting:

In English we say "How are you?" We are not really interested in how the person feels and we would be surprised if the person started to tell us about their aches and pains and health problems but that is our greeting, our culture. Other cultures have different greetings they may say "Where are you going?" or "where have you come from?" when they meet because that is their culture.

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Q: Does the language affect the culture?
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How do culture affect language?

Culture affects language because where ever it is your from you have your language, then when you learn a new language, depending on your culture you might be violating some kind of rule.

How does culture affect your health?

Culture can affect health starting with language: language can effect your health becasue if you go and visit your doctor but the opening times on the door is in Punjabi you could die because you didnt know when to go and get your treatment.

What is language in culture?

language and culture are intertwine..culture grows through language..

How does culture influence language?

Culture is connected with language directly. By means of culture it is possible to learn language because the culture is the mirror of any language.

Does culture affect the development of language in the Caribbean region?

culture creates slang terms which eventually become part of language. for example the word "nice" originated in the 1100's in England. It meant kind and stupid. But today, it is a piece of our language. Culture essentially creates and shapes EACH language, regardless of its origin.

Does language preserve culture?

Yes, language is an element of culture and through the language you can learn about that culture. Such as Latin, the language is still taught and therefore preserving the culture.

How does Philippine geography affect the culture?

it affect the culture,because feast and other can affect the culture.

Why language and culture can not be separated?

You cannot put a language in with a culture it is not from people will not understand you. A language comes from the culture which it is derived from.

How did japan's location affect its culture?

Due to japan's close proximity to China Japans written language and aspects of culture and dress were heavily influenced

How did japan's location affect it's culture?

Due to Japan's close proximity to China Japans written language and aspects of culture and dress were heavily influenced

Why is a language necessary in a culture?

For communication. Language a the way culture is communicated.

Culture is an integrated and interrelated whole which means that?

Culture is an integrated and interrelated whole, which means that if you change one part of a culture, you could significantly affect other parts of the culture, or even the culture as a whole. Language is considered to be the most important symbolic aspect of culture.

What is the meaning of etnolingguistic?

Ethnolinguistics is the study of language and how it is a part of culture. It especially refers to the way language influences culture and the culture of language in itself.

What is the difference between language and culture?

The difference between language and culture is language is a way to communicate, and culture is the beliefs, customs, and practices of a society.

How did Europeans affect the culture of Latin America?

The Europeans influenced Latin America in their religion and language.Europeans brought a new language to Latin America.Europeans brought a new religion to Latin America.Slaves imported by Europeans contributed their language and customs to the culture.

How did language religion and culture diffuse through colonization and conquest?

Language, religion and culture were often forced on the conquered. Sometimes the original language, culture and religion were wiped out and replaced with the conqueror's religion, language and culture.

How does language affect people in different cultures?

The affects of language are too complex and far-reaching to fully define. Language affects all aspects of thought and culture in every part of the world.

What was the general language and culture of the Byzantine Empire?

The general language and culture were Greek.

What is relationship between language and culture?

expalin the relationship between language and culture?

Is Sanskrit a language or a culture?


How does culture affect design?

In architecture culture affect design by on its originality.

How does culture affect the international management?

how does culture affect in international management

How does cultural diversity affect us?

You are able to meet people and gain new insights on language and experience from another culture.

What is the factor that affect effective communication?

Lack of careful planning, dullness of speech, poor listening, noise, culture and language

How does language influence culture?

well knowing a language could mean it influences the culture because if you speak the language it seems like you would know the culture