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The large intestine does connect to the rectum.

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Q: Does the large intestines connect to the rectum?
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What do the large intestines lead to?

the large intestines lead to the rectum. the rectum is the channel to the anus where waste is removed from the body. the anus is known as the but hole.

Which intestine is the rectum located?

The end of the large intestines.

Major part of the large intestines that leads to the rectum?

Sigmoid Colon

Is the anus the end of large intestine?

The correct order is stomach to small intestines, to large intestines to sigmoid colon to rectum to anus.

What jobs do the large intestines do?

the large intestine absorbs water and starts to digest it and goes through the rectum

What is the function for rectum?

The rectum acts as a holding area in the large intestines where feces is stored until it can be deposited at a... more convenient time.

Can a toothpick kill someone?

A toothpick that is swallowed can puncture the lining of the stomach, small intestines, large intestines, colon, or can damage the rectum.

What happens to the waste matter in the large intestines?

It's expelled as feces through the colon, rectum, and anus

Where is the rectum located?

the rectum is located in the digestive system under the intestines.

Rectum or Anus where does waste go after intestines?

Waste goes into the rectum.

What is the path of the digestive system?

It starts at the mouth then goes down the Esophagus, into the stomach, into the small intestines, through the large intestines and eventually into rectum and through anus.

Where is the large intestines located?

The large intestines are located in the peritoneal sack. Inside, they start at lower right abdominal area, go up, across, down, across, and down into the rectum and anus.

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