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Yes. Angela Merkel knows that Russia went to war in World War 1.

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Who was the leader of communist party in during World War 2?

Leader of Germany was obviously Adolf Hitler Russia*cummunism* Joseph Stalin i think and i believe the leader of fascist Italy during WWII was Benito Mussolini

Who were the European powers in world war 2?

Russia, Britain, Germany, and I think the Netherlands

Germany made an alliance with who?

I think it was the soviet union. ( Russia ) I think :)

What two countries faced off after world war 1?

I'm not 100% sure but i think its Russia and Germany!! :-))

Who was the leader of Germany during World War 2?

The leader of Germany during World War II was Adolf Hitler (April 20, 1889-April 30, 1945).Aldof HitlerAdolph Hitler.Adolf Hitler.Adolf Hitler, the leader of the Nazi Party.Adolf HitlerAdolf HittlerAdolf Hitler was the leader of Germany in World War II.Adolf Hitler.Adolf Schicklgruber (Adolf Hitler) he was the leader of Nazi Germany during the war

Who was fighting during World War 2?

The world? lol, but the United States, Soviet Russia, Japan, and Germany were the four big ones I think.

The US fought along the side of whom?

In World War II the US fought with France,(before it was conquered by Germany) Great Britain(or England), Canada, Australia, China, Russia(After Russia was attack by Germany) and i think that's it. Their main allies were Russia and England.

What countries occupied East Germany after world war 2?

Russia, I think, but it could possibly be Poland so I would double check.

Why did people think Germany and the schleiffen plan started the World War 1?

Even though people accused Germany of starting World War 1, they never made the claim that the Schlieffen Plan was the problem. Rather it was that Germany chose to follow through on their alliance with Austria-Hungary and attack Russia, thereby triggerring the British and French alliances with Russia.

Do you think Germany would have won if they wouldn't have broke there treaty with Russia?

yes the wouid have won but the woudn't own the whole world like Hitler wanted to

Why do you think the US and the soviet union had different attitudes toward Germany after world war ll?

They both had different attitudes, because US mostly fought in the Pacific. Not much of the war was on Germany, but Russia faced Germany, because it was on the European front.

What did Hitler think about Germany?

He was in love with Germany. He believed in a German world.

Is Germany considered a well educated Country?

I think yes because i asked their leader

What pair of countries was Germany enable to conquer?

england and soviet russia(and i think its unable not enable)

Why did france think the the treaty of versailles was unfair?

It ignored Russia, humiliated Germany, and weakened colonies.

Are Belgium and Russia Allies?

I think Belgium have more to do with The Netherlands and Luxembourg (the BENELUX countries) but I also think that during World War 2 the whole of Europe became allies. Except for Germany and Italy of course.

Did The collapse of the German allies led to the German surrender in World War 1?

TRUE. I don't think so, If Russia didn't start fighting against Germany we would have lost world war two.

Who made saunas?

russia-Finland i think it started early in russia then came to Finland and there they spread it out in the world

Who was the best leader in the world?

i think the best leader in the world before 8year he was dr mahatir he's from Malaysia right

Did hitler think that germany needed a strong leader?

Yes Hitler thoughted that germany need a stronger dictator government, A government who would lead germany into a new era

Did Hitler think russia was going to attack Germany?

Yes, indeed. That's why Hitler attacked USSR first.

What did Poland think would happen when Germany and Russia became allies?

Nothing good. Technically they were not 'allies'. Of course.

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