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Does the life insurance beneficiary get both the cash value and the face amount?


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Not usually, though I can't say that it is impossible. Life insurance is not regulated like car and home so one particular company could promise you that.

Generally the cash value is if the insured cashes in the policy and the face amount is paid to the beneficiary when the insured dies.

I was a life insurance agent for 15 years.


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In the event of eventuality of the policy holder, the beneficiary is the nominee to get the death benefit amount. When the nominee is a minor, the appointee will act on behalf of the nominee till he/she attains adulthood to be eligible to get benefit amount. When both the policy holder and nominee die, the life insurance company will pay to the legal heir, duly certified by the Honorable Court.

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You will receive the death benefit unless your brother has changed the beneficiary. Regardless of marriage, divorce, life changes, etc; unless the insured contacts their insurance company and changes their beneficiary, the money will go to the specified beneficiary; FYI- your brother would not be required to notify you as current (or ex) beneficiary if he changed the policy. Also, many life insurance policies have a primary and a successor beneficiary; the successor is the person who would receive the benefit if something were to happen to both the insured and the primary beneficiary.

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You may be the beneficiary of the will and there may not be any insurance. If you were named on an insurance policy, the insurance company will find you. They have your name and probably your address, both of which are required to name you as the beneficiary. Also contact the executor of the will, as they may have records on the policies involved.

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A life insurance trust is a form of trust which is both the owner and the beneficiary of one or more life insurance policies. It an irrevocable and non-amendable trust.

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