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Any particular kind of car and motor?

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Q: Does the main computer chip have any control over the alternator and the cooling fan not working?
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Is there a voltage regulator for the alternator and where is it located on a 1990 Dodge Dakota?

The voltage regulator is NOT built in the alternator, it is part of the ECM, that is the Engine Control Module. The module (computer) monitors the charging system and signals the alternator how much voltage to send it to keep the system working properly. the voltage regulator is built in to the alternator

What is the function of cooling fan in system unit?

To cool the SMPS while the computer is working.

Where is cooling fan control relay maza 626 2002?

Cooling fan not working. need wiring diagram or some information on how to repair.

Why dodge stratus cooling fans working even after engine is shut down?

Cooling fans are controlled by the computer based on input from temperature sensor. After the vehicle is shut down, if the temperature is still high, the computer will turn on the fans to cool the engine.

What should you do if the computer says that USB device is not working?

Go to the control panel and troubleshoot it.

Can you take off the negative wire on battery to test the alternator?

Yes you can take negative off on all cars and test it if it dies alternator is bad if car keeps running then its good. In older (not computer controlled) cars you can, but on some newer (computer control) cars is not recommended. Some newer cars will turn off even if the alternator is working good. Use a volt meter to test the voltage. Connect it to the battery and it should read a little above 12 volts when its off and 13 to 14 volts when its turn on. If the voltage does not go up, then the alternator is not charging.

Why does your car runs hot only when it is idle?

your cooling fan(s) is/are not working your cooling fan(s) is/are not working

In a 97 rodeo how do you replace the heater-ac control switch no fuses are bad and heating fan stopped working?

CAUTION!!! This may be a problem with the alternator and the charging. Blower fan will stop working if alternator is not charging. You may also see the battery light and brake light staying on as well! Advance Auto Parts or Auto-zone can test your alternator/battery.

How do you repair a Rover 218 tachometer?

Hi the tacho runs off the alternator & when it stops working it is normally a sign of a fault with the alternator so firstly i would check that the alternator is working corectly

Why is a thermostat installed in a diesel engine cooling water system?

To control and optimise the working temperature of the engine during differing load conditions.

Your cruise control stopped working as well as your speedometer won't go over 60 mph on your 2004 XG350L Hyundai Anyone had similar probs?

I had the same problem...the alternator went bad. Both the alternator and battery had to be replaced.

How do jobs affected by the computer?

if the computer is not working as fast or the computer is not working at all.

Working principle of alternator?

The working principle of an alternator is like that of a small turbine. The alternator spins and a series of copper wires and graphite brushes inside the alternator produce electricity. That electricity is then transferred to the battery to keep it charged enough to run all of the electric parts on the vehicle.

Radiator fans not working in 1999 Toyota Camry?

Suzhou Santian Precision Mould Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is here to save you! Come and see why your laptop fan is not spinning!1. The cooling fan of the laptop is damaged. When the cooling fan of the laptop is damaged, the computer cannot start the cooling fan. At this time, you need to go to the computer repair shop to replace your computer cooling fan.2. The connection line of the cooling fan of the notebook computer is poor. If the cooling fan of your laptop is intact, it may be due to the poor connection of the wire connecting the cooling fan, and the cooling fan cannot be started in time.3. There is too much dust inside the notebook, and the cooling fan is stuck. When the dust of the cooling fan of the notebook computer is too much, the fan blade of the cooling fan is loaded, and it is difficult to rotate, which makes the cooling fan of the notebook computer unusable. Therefore, when using a laptop, it is necessary to clean up the internal dust in time.4. Lubricant scaling of cooling fan. After the notebook computer cooling fan uses lubricating oil, the amount of lubricating oil is too much, which causes condensation on the cooling fan blades and prevents the blades from rotating. Only need to clean the cooling fan's lubricating oil to make it run normally.5. If none of the above is the reason why the cooling fan of your laptop does not work, it may be because you are using low power when using the computer. Some ultra-polar notebooks can rely on passive cooling, without the need for additional cooling by the cooling fan, so cooling The fan does not turn.But if your laptop's cooling fan doesn't turn and the CPU is hot, take your computer to a computer repair shop as soon as possible! ! !Suzhou Santian Precision Mould Manufacturing Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of notebook computer cooling fans.

Why isn't my cooling fan turning on?

No power to fan, fan motor is burned out, fan motor has seized up, control circuit for fan not working.

Why does AC stop working after a while and the car will overheat when AC is on on a 1995 Nissan 240sx?

Cooling fan not working, or your cooling system needs a complete service. The cooling fan should be on continuously when the A/C is on.

What are the working principle of computer?

Give principle of computer working?

Battery light stays on after alternator has been repaired on a 1990 Honda civic LX?

Is the alternator actually working. It is possible to buy a new alternator that is defective.

If Alternator dash light burned out will it prevent the alternator from charging?

no, the light has nothing to do with the alternator working properly, the light is only to warn you that it isn't charging the battery properly.

Can't get the alternator plug to go on?

Is it the correct alternator for your vehicle? What are you working on? If you add a little more detail to your question I'm sure it will be simple to answer but we don't even know what you're working on.

Will battery idiot light come on if battery is low but alternator is ok?

No. If the alternator is working fine, the battery power is not used.

If the alternator is not working on your car what happens?

your barrery will die eventually because alternator isn't creating power for the vehicle to run on

What causes the alternator to stop working?

How to Tell If Your Car Alternator Is Bad Check related link below…

Cruise control not working on a 2002 Mercedes ml320?

The cruise control on a 2002 Mercedes ML320 will stop working if the fuse has blown or the wiring has become loose. An OBDII code reader can be connected to the vehicle's computer to help diagnose the problem.

Why isn't my control panel working?

Your computer might be affected by virus. Perform a virus scan. Or re-install your OS!

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