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No. Not only does the male kangaroo not have a pouch, but the male has no part at all in raising the young joey.


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Male seahorses carry their young in a pouch simillar to a kangaroo.

No. Pouches are only found on female marsupials, so only the female kangaroo carries the baby.

Male kangaroos do not have a pouch. The pouch is used exclusively for the development of the joey, and male kangaroos have nothing to do with raising the young joey.

Females are the ones with pouches

Kangaroo joeys develop in their mother's pouch. Male kangaroos do not have pouches.

A male is a buck, and a baby is a joey.

the male seahorse gives birth instead of the female :D the female gives birth but the male carries the baby seahorses in a pouch at the front like a kangaroo XD

Only the female kangaroo has a pouch, and this is because the male takes no part at all in rearing the young joey. Only the female is able to provide the developing joey with he nutrition it needs to survive. The female is the one that produces the baby and that feeds it with milk in the pouch.

Simple answer: Male kangaroos have rather obvious male reproductive parts, and females have a pouch.

In a pouch in front of them, on their stomach.

male - buck (also a boomer)female - doe (also a jill)baby - joeya baby kangaroo is called a Joey a baby kangaroo is called a Joey

The male seahorse, which is a fish, has a pouch in which the eggs are incubated, but he does not carry the young after they are hatched.

No. The female has the eggs, but she deposits them in a pouch on the male seahorse's belly where they are fertilized. The male carry the eggs until they hatch, after which the tiny seahorses are on their own.

No, but they have a sort of pouch where they carry their young.

The female seahorse transfers her eggs to the male which he self-fertilises in his pouch.

yes and male sea horses carry the babies in a pouch

A baby kangaroo is a joey. A male kangaroo is a buck or a boomer. A female kangaroo is a Jill or doe. For specific kangaroo species names, see the related question below.

No. Male seahorses do not get pregnant. The female lays the eggs inside a pouch on the male's stomach and the males carry them until it's time for them to hatch.The young then swim out, and the male does not allow them to reenter the pouch.

The female has the pouch and gives birth to the baby while the male doesn't.

They carry them in a pouch on their stomachs. When the eggs hatch, the pouch opens, and tiny, tiny sea horses swim out.

No. Neither the male nor female platypus has a pouch.

The average jumping distance of a baby kangaroo is 10 feet or less. The average jumping distance for an adult kangaroo is about 30 feet but they can jump as far as 40 feet.

The female sea horse deposites mature eggs in the male's pouch and the male incubates them, also protecting the young hatched fry in the pouch for a time. The male has the babies because they are known to be more aggresive. With out this protection, pregnant female seahorses could easy be eaten or injured. Also, because few baby seahorses survive, the couple must constantly produce eggs. So, while the male has the eggs, the female is making more.

It is the female giraffe, as a mammal, that carries the developing baby and gives birth.As the category is seahorse, it is the male seahorse that carries the eggs in a special pouch until hatching and grow big enough to exit the male's pouch and be independent.

yes one type does. A male seahorse has a pouch much like a kangaroo in which he carries his babies. Yes this is weird

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