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yes, palm nut shortening is very clumpy. i used it to wash my dog last week and it took about 2 hours for him to get a rich, silky coating of the entire bottle. palm nut oil rocks!!!!

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Increasing the purity of most substances increases the melting point. The opposite is also true: decreasing purity usually results in a decrease in melting point. Adding another palm oil derivative or palm oil itself would decrease the melting point of the palm stearin.

Refined, Bleached & Deodorised (RBDPO) Slip Melting Point = 33-39 degrees C (Testing Method = AOCS Cc 3-25)

Some do while others do not. To be solid a substance must merely have a melting point that is above room temperature. Gallium has a melting point just above room temperature, so it is normally solid but it will melt in the palm of your hand. By contrast Tungsten has such a high melting point that not even the hottest lava from Earth's volcanoes can come close to melting it.

Solid, with a very low melting point, it will melt if you keep it in your palm

Palm oil is considered a hard oil. You can substitute Lard, Tallow, Coconut oil, or Vegetable shortening.

Perhaps the most interesting thing about gallium is that it has a melting point not far above room temperature. With a melting point of just 86 degrees Fahrenheit (30 Degrees Celsius) the metal will melt in the palm of your hand or on a hot day.

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One example of hydrodenation is the processing of soybean oil and palm kernel oil into solid form, such as cooking shortening.

The average lifespan of a palm tree is up to around 150 years old. Their life spans differ depending on care and climate.

All liquids can get 'frozen', it just means they turn into a solid state. This point is called the melting point. this refers equally to point where solids turn liquid and liquids turn solid. However, because you do not specify what type of oil (you could be talking about gasoline/petrol, or talking about oils in food, palm oil) i cannot tell you at what point it would freeze.

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butter or any other oil, butter is the healthiest choice and probably the easiest to substitute with.You can use butter, margarine, coconut oil, lard, or palm oil.

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