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Yes of course. Your the mother of the young man. I know my mother would be giving me a gift.

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Q: Does the mother of the groom give her son a gift?
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Does mother of bride give groom or his parents gifts?

No, the mother of the bride does not give the groom or his parents a gift, but just gives a gift to her daughter and new son-in-law.

Does the father of the groom give his son a gift?


Does the mother of the bride buy a gift for the groom?

It all depends on what the mother of the bride wants to do... but theres no traditional thing where the mother of the bride gives a gift to the groom...but then again it is a nice gift to the future son in-law in welcoming him to the family

Does grooms mother give her son agift?

The groom's parents usually pay for the rehearsal dinner, which is their gift to the couple. Another small gift to the couple can be given. If the mother wishes to give a small gift to her son of some type, this is perfectly acceptable, although she should also give a small gift to her daughter-in-law as well. If the parents did not pay for a rehearsal dinner, then the value of the couple's gift should be a bit higher.

Who picks mother son dance?

It is up to the groom with the help of his bride-to-be to choose a mother and son dance.

How much of a cash gift should parents of the groom give as a gift to the couple?

Parents of the groom should only give the bride and groom what they can afford and not worry about how much the bride's parents give or other guests give them. It is foolish for parents to put themselves into financial difficulties over a gift. They can always give their daughter and new son in law an extension on a gift during Christmas, birthdays, etc. If you know whether they need a bedroom suite then give them money for that (if you can afford it) or, if you are pinched for finances then give them what you can afford and they can either put it towards their honeymoon or keep it to save up for something they want.

How much money can a mother give a son?

As much as she wishes. Over a specific amount will be subject to gift taxes.

Can I give a gift to my son and his wife?


Do you have to give a wedding gift to your Boss' son if you are not invited to wedding?

Boss or not if you are not invited to the wedding then etiquette states you do not have to give a gift to the boss' son on his wedding day.

The mother in Mother to Son advises her son?

"...don't you turn back." APEX ------------------------------------------- "never give up."

What is the conflict of the gift written by Ray Bradbury?

The family is disallowed their Christmas tree which was the parent's gift to their son. The mother and father then need to come up with another suitable gift for their son with the limited resources on the space ship.

Is it proper for the groom's mother to carry a purse when she walks down the aisle with her son before the ceremony?

Yes it is proper for the groom's or brides' mother to carry a purse down the aisle. They are not in the wedding party and like the rest of the female guests a purse is a must. It would be advisable that an evening purse be used which is smaller, but if the groom's mother insists on a purse that is comfortable to her that is quite acceptable.

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