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Does the music for an SD memory card have to be an MP3 file to be read by a phone?

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It depends on what media formats your phone can accept. If your phone only accept mp3 files then they would have to be in mp3 format. Some phones can take mpeg, mp4 and divx formats.

2009-06-24 16:48:42
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Q: Does the music for an SD memory card have to be an MP3 file to be read by a phone?
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How do you put MP3 from your computer to your cellphone?

Depends on the type of cell phone you have. Check to see if your phone has a memory card(slot). If so, it is easiest to insert a memory card into your phone and allow you phone to format the card. Then by inserting the memory card into a SD Adapter you can easily insert the card into most printers. If you do not have a device in which you can insert the memory card, check to see if your phone came with a cable to connect it to a computer. By using your computer you can easily copy and paste your music from your computer to your phone's music file on the memory card. If your phone does not have a memory card, connect your phone to your computer as mentioned above and store the mp3's to your phone's hard-drive or memory. Please note: Some phone will not play protected music, therefore if ripping your music from a CD, please ensure your ripping them with a program that takes of the protection. Hope this helps!

How do you put music on Xpress Music phone?

Its Really Quite simple, First, take the memory card out. 2nd, Connect to your pc, using a USB port especially for that, 3rd, drop your music derectky into that file, (You can get Music from itunes) 4th save the files, disconnect USB and take memory card out. 5th, put the memory card back into your phone, and, voila! You got Musica!

How do you download music onto a phone?

go into the the menu on top and click file go down until you find add file to library then it should once up to music and then click that and after that go to the music file and then highlight them on all and right click and send to and then find your phone or memory card on it (:

How do you transfer music file with artwork from your PC to a Memory Card?

right click the file, hit copy, go to my computer, click on memory card, and paste.

How do you transfer music onto an lg remarq I bought the cord but it's not letting me transfer music?

you have to convert your music to MP3. download realplayer. averter you convert the music you can drag and drop your music from one file to another. you also need a micro sd card. put the memory card in the phone first and the phone will format the card. after that you can do the rest.

How do you move pics from phone memory to memory card on android os?

It is very easy to move pics from phone memory to memory card on android os. You will need to open your file manager and select the pics to move and select move to memory card from the options and that will be all.

How do you unlock memory card password for nokia x2?

Hello, find your memory card's forgotten password by following these steps:Download and Install FExplorer.Insert card into your s60 1st or 2nd edition phone but don't access it through phone.Run FExplorer and Open the path C:\system.You will find there a file named mmcstore , move this file to other location of your phone, rename the filemmcstore.txtOpen the file in your phone or Copy that file(mmcstore.txt) to your pc and open that file in notepad.You will find your password in that file.By this way, you can unlock memory card and recover your memory card's password.

Can you change the setting in your mobile phone so it will bluetooth files straight to you memory card instead of onto your phone memory?

depends on the phone...and type of file being transfered...

How do you get free music to your mobile phone?

First of all You will needeither a usb data cable or a memory card reader Then If your using a usb data cable download a software from the CD you should have got it in the box For a memory card reader put your memory card into the memory card reader and then if it says the file is protected or something like that. on the right hand side you will see a little button either pull it up or down Then go to ever any of these websites: And then download the music and copy and paste it into the memory card reader or file

How do you convert phone card memory to memory card memory in samsung s5560?

1. First turn off your phone 2. Connect to usb 3. You need to have memory card 4. Turn on phone 5. Select first option 6. On computer you can see booting phone memory 7. Change your .mem files (13% COMPUTER HAVE IT) to .pmem file. 8. Restart phone 9. Format

How do you install jar files on sony ericcson k850i?

Connect the USB cable to your phone and select File Transfer Mode. The phone may restart itself and appear as a new drives in your Computer. If you are using Windows then Go to My Computer, there you will see 2 new Drives named Phone Memory and Phone Card (or watever name given to your memory card), put your .Jar files in the Other Folder (or any Folder) on the Memory Card. Safely Remove USB Drives. Disconnect the cable - again the phone may restart itself. When the phone started, Go to the File Manager , then the Memory Card, then the Other Folder (or the Folder in which you put your .Jar File) and Open your .Jar file.

How do you put music on to an LG cookie?

Connect your LG via USB "mass storage" or "music sync". Go to My Computer, H:\Sounds (you must have an SC memory card) and paste the audio file there. The song appears in My music on your phone.

How do you Format NGAGE QD phone memory?

Just drop in your memory card settings and you could able to format it. Or by, insert your emory card to a memory reader then open your file on my comp. and just delete all of them.

Where can you go to get your pictures off cell phone?

If you get a memory card reader you may remove the memory card from your phone and put it in the reader. Using the useful USB plug put it in your hub and all your photos, videos and music will be displayed. Save them on your computer and you can share them on Facebook, Bebo, MySpace, Photobucket and anywhere else. If you want, you can print them off (if it isn't a video or music file). Hope this helps.

How do you put songs on an LG cookie?

Connect your LG via USB "mass storage" or "music sync". Go to My Computer, H:\Sounds (you must have an SC memory card) and paste the audio file there. The song appears in My music on your phone.

How to remove password on micro sd memory card?

Insert your card into a symbian OS v3 phone (as it solved my problem). Go to menu-tools-memory then click on options-format memory card. This will delete all the data including the password file which you have preset.

How much memory does a BlackBerry have?

64 MB of flash memory. You can also buy a SD card depending on your phone model and have either 4GB or 8GB more. You can check your available memory in Options > Status > File Free or File Total

How do you crack memory card password?

Sometimes there is need to crack memory card password when it is forgotton by us.Below is the step by step procedure to crack memory card password.Trick Number 1:-First of all you will need a Software FExplorer Software.To download it Click hereNow insert your memory card into your phone but don't access it through phone.Run FExplorer and Open the path C:\system.There will be a file called mmcstore ,rename the file mmcstore.txtCopy that mmcstore.txt file to your pc and open it in notepad.You will find your password in that file.Trick Number 2:-Go to file manager of your mobileIn the "Settings" option, Choose system foldersIn the "System" folder, there is a file called "mmcstore"Send that to your PC using bluetoothNow open it in notepad.The password you need for your memory card is in that file

How do you download music to your sd card then add it to your phone?

If you are using an SD card it's either already installed on your phone (most phones) or, you've bought one and for storage and need to insert it into a computer system that supports this type of media storage. If you're attempting the latter and using a PC platform (i.e., Microsoft Windows), then you need to save the music in a file format that the type of phone you're using will recognize-this varies by operating systems. Once you have identified the type of file formats your phone will support, you can then save your music to SD card in that particular file format. If you're using your phone for saving music files to SD card, this is a "no brainer" since you'll be using your media center on the phone to help you along and choose whichever file format your phone will allow for saving to your SD card.

How do you save music to memory stick?

Plug the memory stick in the USB on your computer and drag your music file or copy your music file and paste into the folder situated for your memory stick. Let the computer do its thing. :)

How do you change memory card file system from RAW to ntfs or fat?

Take A Water On MEmory card

Can you sync music to a Sony Walkman Video MP3 Player from itunes?

Yes. you know how your phone came with that cord that plugs into your computer, keep that by you. Go to and dowload the "Sony Ericsson PC Suite 3.2". After dowloading, plug in the computer part of the cord into the computer and then the phone part into your phone. Now on your phone click phone mode. After that click editers on the PC Suite and click on files, meanwhile have itunes pulled up. double click on the file "Phone Memory" and then double click on the file "Music". Then just drag and drop the music you want! You will need a memory card to put on more that one song.

How do you put themes on a nokia 5230?

Easy Step for 5230. Find themes from zedge or Google. Use Memory card Reader. Copy/Move Theme File your Memory Card Others Folders insert your Memory Card your phone. Use File Browser. Open Others Folder Look your Theme file run. Look Settigs Select Private Select theme Select your Theme Better?

How do you play an ISO file on the PSP?

open your memory card or plug in the usb connector then copy your ISO file/game to the ISO folder in the memory card.

How do you get your music on your phone with an sim card and how do you get music on an mp3 file Thank you?

The only way of getting music on your phone to my knowledge is bluetooth from another device or using a USB lead to copy them from a computer. I don't think there is a direct way using the SIM card, sorry.