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Depends if he is also a sadist or not.

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Q: Does the narcissist deliberately set out to emotionally destroy his victim or is it just a by-product of their behavior?
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How can we reduce narcissist behavior?

Adding empathy and integrity to your character.

What is the meaning of aggression?

The word aggression means a deliberately unfriendly behavior.

What is a narcissist's trait?

Traits of a narcissist include not showing emotion and always seeking attention from others. Additional traits include a need to be in control and violent behavior.

Do narcissist attract other narcissist?

Generally, no. Narcissistic behavior is draw to others that will listen - not talk about themselves as well. There are always exceptions if there is attraction that overwhelms a mental disorder.

Divorcing a narcissist?

Before you divorce apply all peaceful means. Have spoke with spouse about his/her behavior.

Is there such a thing as passive-aggressive narcissist?

Passive-aggressive behavior is one of the narcissists' favorite tools.

How mental and emotional health can affect behavior?

Mental and emotional health can seriously affect your behavior. If you emotionally or mentally upset, it can adversely affect your behavior towards others.

Would a narcissist change his ways for someone he thinks he may love?

No. That person is only an extension of himself. He can only love things that are of himself and thus is incapable of any selfless love, empathy, or understanding. A narcissist's onlyopportunity for change occurs during a life altering crisis. This deflates the narcissist's ego a leaves him emotionally unstable. It is possible, but very unlikely a narcissist will change. It is even more unlikely he will change for another person. He probably is unaware of his own attitudes as they are subconscious defense mechanisms usually formed in childhood or adolescence. Furthermore, he is incapable of that self-sacrificing behavior that enables Pygmalion projects.

Can a malignant narcissist love his child?

A malignant narcissist cannot magically shed his damaging patterns of behavior to bestow unconditional love upon his child. A good parent is one who places his child's needs above his own. A narcissist always places their needs first.

How do you know if you are being emotionally abused?

If you are feeling bad about the way you are treated or spoken to - and your pleas to stop this kind of behavior went unheeded - then you are being emotionally (verbally, psychologically) abused.

Is a narcissist aware of their behavior?

A true narcissist is the center of their own universe. If what you are asking, does a narcissist see that they are being self centered and selfish, the answer is NO. To a narcissist, they are right and the rest of the world is wrong. If they say the sky is red, it is red. A narcissist will even view their needs as the needs of other people. Narcissism is a personality disorder, and therefore is not cureable. So, if you meet a narcissist I would recommend turning and running. Lastly, if you are married to a narcissist and working for a narcissist, my sincere condolences. That is what happened to me. I lost my family, and my career all in one fell swoop when the big midlife crisis hit since we worked all together.

Are there ways to cope with a narcissist?

Yes, depending on the group (social) dynamic. A narcissist's ego must be stroked. Your opinion is meaningless to them. If you feel they have value worth the cost, you will stroke it. The behavior is destructive; keep a safe distance.

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