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Does the non-custodial parent have to provide the children with a bed for overnight visits?


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2015-07-15 21:06:14
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Every parent mustprovide children with a place to sleep for 8 continuous hours that is clean and suitable for sleeping. They don't have to have a bed per say, but a sofa for older children or a play pen for tots can be deemed suitable. What loving parent wouldn't provide a place for their child to sleep?


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Generally the noncustodial parent may move anywhere - within or outside the state where the children live. The court grants the noncustodial parent the right to visit the children but does not force the noncustodial parent to take advantage of that right. However, a court may require the noncustodial parent to provide the custodial parent with contact information and, where issues develop about the care or safety of the children, the court may require supervised visitation or at least that the noncustodial parent advise the custodial parent where the children will be.

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No, there are no laws in the US that addresses this requirement.

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Not if there's a stepparent or grandparent to take on the task.

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what if the noncustodial parent still reside with the custodial parent, is noncustodial parent still obligated to pay childsupport

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If the noncustodial parent tries to keep the child, the custodial parent can get the noncustodial parent charged with kidnapping and contempt of court both can be jail time for the noncustodial.

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