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Does the non-custodial parent need permission to leave the country?

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By law, you must both go up to the location where they will issue a passport and both parents must sign a statement saying it is okay. If you have documentation that shows you are the custodial parent, you can have your child "red flagged" with the government and this way if he were to try to get a passport for your child they would have to notify you and then you can stop it.

In the US the non-custodial parent can leave if they choose, they cannot however take a minor child with them unless a court rules otherwise.

• This depends on your custody agreement, but I'm fairly certain a non-custodial parent needs permission. Just like a custodial parent will need permission depending on what the custody agreement states. I do know, however, that a custodial parent can get a passport without the permission of the non-custodial parent if he/she meets certain requirements. is that parent's name the only one on the birth cirtificate? Does that parent have sole LEGAL custody?

2015-07-15 18:22:17
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Can a custodial parent leave the state of North Dakota without the noncustodial parents permission?

No the custodial parent has to have either the courts permission or the non-custodians permission.

Does a noncustodial parent pay child support if they leave the country?


If you were never married to the father of your child and you are the custodial parent of the child can you leave Missouri and move to another country without the noncustodial parents permission?

noI'm in KCMO

Can noncustodial parent relocate to another state without courts permission?

I think so, however you will need the courts permission for the child to visit you and leave their home state.

Does child need non custodial parent permission to leave the country?

yes, he\she should seek for permission from the parent.

Does a custodial parent need permission to leave the country with the child?

Yes they do.

Can a parent leave the country with children without consent from other parent?

There are many factors involved. In most cases the authorities will not allow a minor to leave the country without permission of the other parent.

Can noncustodial parents prevent custodial parents from leaving the state with baby?

A noncustodial parent can prevent the custodial parent from leaving the state with a baby or child. The court will decide if the custodial parent has just cause to leave the state.

Can a divorced non-custodial parent leave the country?

Yes, alone. To take the child along requires written permission of the custodial parent.

Can a 17 year old male leave his country with out parental permission in Canada?


Does the non custodial parent need permission to leave the country?

If you want to take the child with you, you will need the other parents permission as well as the courts. But not if it's just you leaving.

Can a custodial parent move out of the country?

I think they can, but I'm pretty sure unless they have a restraining order or command to stay in that country, they can ask the government for permission to leave the country.

How does a non married woman with a child leave a country with her child?

By getting permission and signature from the other parent for the visa application for the child.

What age can you leave the country with parents permission?

You can leave the country in age 17+

Can the primary parent leave the state with child and not tell the other parent?

As in relocating, not without the permission of the court.

Can 17yr old leave Georgia without parent permission?

Not in the state of Georgia. They are not yet adults and need to be 18 before you can leave without their permission.

Can a car leave the country with the lenders permission?

no they can not

Does a custodial parent have to notify the noncustodial parent when they leave the country with child?

Yes. Minors are required to obtain a passport when leaving the U.S. Both parents have to sign the application for a passport. If the noncustodial parent cannot be present when the application is made he or she must submit a notarized statement of permission. The exception is if the parent requesting the passport has sole legal custody, if that is the case he or she must present the court order of custody. All documents must be original or legal copies of the original with the embossed seal of the court and/or government agency. In the case of 16-17 year olds, they must appear in person at the time of application with the required documentation.

Can a parent leave the state of Texas without the written permission of the other parent?

Depends on the ruling during the divorce.

Can you leave the unites states by yourself without parent permission at 19?


Can you leave home at 15 after informing your parent?

No, under 18 and you need their permission.

Can custodial parent take child out of country on vacation with telling out non-custodial parent?

If a custodial parent can take a child out of the country on vacation without telling the non-custodial parent will depend on the court order and the laws in the state they live in. Many states will want the custodial parent to get a notarized document from the non-custodial parent stating they are giving their permission for the child to leave the country.

Can a seventeen year old leave the house without parent permission and can you call the cops to get them back?

They can not leave the house without parental permission and if they are missing then you can call the cops.

How are passports and visas different?

Passports give you permission to leave your country, visas are permission from another country that allows you to visit there.

Can a minor legally leave home because of an abusive or alcoholic parent?

With court permission.