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of.. course , i don't know .

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Of course! If the airplane is very thick it will go very fast. I learned that from my project.

Yes, it can. Weight, number of folds, and wingspan are all factors in making a paper airplane fly farther. A long-distance paper airplane (glider) should have large wings, a small fuselage, and evenly distributed (but also light) weight. It should be held and thrown from the center of gravity.

Sometimes it is but it most depend on the wind. :)

you go up this ramp thing that folds up that connects to the airport building to the plane.

Pitch rises. pitch of the sound produced depends on the diameter, length, and tension in the vocal folds. when distance increases, the vocal folds tense and the pitch rises: when distance decreases, the vocal folds relax and pitch falls.

There can be any number and as many as a hundred. Originally, they represented the number of ways an egg can be prepared. Now they've come to mean how experienced the chef is (more folds equal more experience). But there is no rule on how many folds. It's more a personal choice of design.

Ben Folds was the lead singer and piano player of the Ben Folds Five. Ben Folds now has a solo career.

Upcurved folds in rocks are known as Anticlinal folds.

covering folds of peritoneum

I am assuming you mean vocal sounds. Air is passed through the vocal folds of the throat. The person brings the folds together close enough to cause a Bernoulli effect or flapping of the folds. The sound is a vibration of air that passes up to the mouth and nasal cavities. By shaping the mouth the timbre or tone of the sound is changed to effect the harmonics and therefore changing the sounds into the speech sounds that create words.

Erythematous folds just means red folds. Erythematous simply means red.

Please see the link below. The tear and folds put the bill in the lowest price category, I'm afraid. K8134 is a printing-plate number and has no effect on the bill's value.

what are the folds of the gastric mucosa

Surface area is increased by fold.So respiration is carried out efficiently.

Yes, there seems to be a large number of compression folds and rupes.

Each time you fold paper, the number of layers is doubled.0 folds = 1 layer (original sheet) = 201 fold = 2 layers = 212 folds = 4 layers = 223 folds = 8 layers. = 23...etc, all the way to 50 folds. In other words, the number of layers increases exponentially.Following the pattern, If you could fold paper 50 times, the number of layers would equal:250 or 1,125,899,906,842,624 layers.

These folds are called the valvulea conniventes.

Because of the skin folds.

Bobby Folds was born in 1949.

permanent folds are called plicae circulares temporary folds are called rugae.

Mountian folds are folds with two folds down and one fold up see oragami folding category see diagram under to left pionting up like a mountain or a inverted (V) shape in a triangular shape and angled strait across from [B1] IN A 52-0 DEGREE ANGLE SO PIONT (A) PERTRUDES UP HORIZONTALY ____________ [A]UP __[B1]DOWN[B2]

A folding chair folds into a folded chair.

the folds of the mitochondria are important to store proteins

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