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Does the numbing injection that you get at the dentist for a filling decrease the effectiveness of the birth control pill?


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The numbing effect lasts from 2 to 4 hours. Rarely does it last more than that, although there have been cases where the numbing effect lasted for days.


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The company needs a cash injection if it is to stay in business. I've had an injection of anaesthetic in my gums so the Dentist can fill my tooth. The fuel injection system on my new car is fantastic.

the dentist gives u a injection to make u sleep

Not if the dentist or hygientist is gentle and uses a topical on the gums before the injection.

No usually. thats when then need to pull out a tooth. If your tooth hasn't come out and it is still wobbly they will

Dental fillings are quite simple. First, the dentist will ask you weather you want to have an injection to numb your mouth so you do not feel any pain. If you do decide to have an injection, the dentist may put some numbing gel on the place of injection or they may not, it really does not make any difference. The dentist will then leave you for a minute while the anesthetic takes affect. Next, the dentist will use a drill to drill out the decayed and weakened parts of the tooth. This may feel a bit funny but should not hurt. Then the dentist will wash and dry the now clean cavity. Finally, the dentist will place a special underlining, such as resin, to protect the nerves and blood vessels. Then the filling will be placed into the tooth. Depending on the type of filling, it will dry in a few seconds or the dentist may use a blue light to set it. Good luck on your filling. I speak on experience, I had a filling done a few hours ago.

not to worry while removing the teeth they give u injection & it will be numb so that you will know the pain

It depends on you and your dentist on how this can be handled. Filling a deep cavity can be greatly more painful without a numbing injection.

A dentist uses Novocaine to anesthetize the area he will be working on so the patient does not feel pain during the procedure. Some people are allergic to Novocaine and can not tolerate the injection. Many people choose not to use any form of anesthesia. If you can handle the pain, you don't have to use it. My suggestion would be to ask the dentist to begin the procedure without it and see if you can handle it. If not ask for the injection. Only takes about 5 minutes to numb your mouth.

Yes, the ammount of adrenaline is tiny and it almost all stays at the site of the injection. You would also expect the dentist giving you the shot to consent you for the proceedure, mentioning any risks or contra-indications.

Ask your dentist if he has heard of a "dry socket." That's why you have pain. Your gum healed and trapped a bit of air in the hole where your tooth used to be. Maybe you should see another dentist.

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You may have been bruised by the shot. That happens to some people. It happens to me almost every time. The entire area where I was given the injection is tender. If it doesn't go away or start to get better soon, call the dentist and have them look at it. It could be pain from the tooth they worked on and not from the injection. I recently had a similar Experience, Where The injection was inserted into my hard palate there was swelling and severe bruising for 2 or 3 days. The skin fell off after this and I am left with a hole in my palate which is really really sore. When I went back to the dentist she said that this was an infection that had got into the injection site. One good tip here is to use a chlorohexadine mouthwash before having any work done to make sure your mouth is clean. Especially if you have a lot of dental caries

Your front teeth might feel numb if you just got an injection from the dentist. They may also feel numb if you hit your head and have nerve damage.

You are going to have to have an injection whether you have the tooth pulled or root canal therapy. You really need to talk to your dentist to decide what is the best situation for your tooth. If it is just a case of a filling falling out though you shouldn't need root canal therapy but you might still need an injection for the repair of the tooth if the dentist needs to do any work to fill the cavity.

Ok well to be serious, you need to go to the dentist. If you are a child, then it may not hurt for the dentist applies a gel which will introduce numbness on the tooth so he/she can pull it out. If you are an adult, as in like about a teen maybe, you have to get a minor injection to pull it out. It wont hurt, trust me. Only like a pinch!

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Injection has epinephrine in it the same thing given in allergic reaction. Usually if reaction has to occur it happens in the first 5-10 min of injection. If later it happens patient presents wid swelling or puffiness of lips. The allergy occuring later are due to the rubber dam or the latex gloves of the dentist thn the injection.

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