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A written note

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Q: Does the person holding the note have to provide written notice that the vehicle is to be repossessed in Texas?
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Can you get your car back if it is repossessed and they don't provide written notice of seizure in California?

If you weren't paying the bill and the courts awarded the vehicle to the lender, it's gone.

Could a vehicle be repossessed without a written contract?

potentially, yes; consult a lawyer

Can a vehicle still be repossessed if written off?

Yes most likely. If the lender is still on the title, if not then they cannot, without some sort of court order.

Can a vehicle be repossessed by the lien holder for not having insurance in the State of Maine?

Yes, if the contract requires that the borrower carry insurance coverage. If the borrower fails to adhere to any of the requirements stated in the written agreement the contract is in default and the lender has the legal right to recover the vehicle.

What can you do if your car was repossessed and then you redeemed it but the bank is reporting it as a repossession that happened this month when it actually happened 2 years ago?

You need to provide the bank with written documentation proving your case. Show them what paperwork you have and they have to change their information.

After your vehicle is repossessed and the car has been auctioned off can arrangements be made for the remainder of the loan balance?

The vehicle was repossessed for non-payment of the lease, correct? You still owe all the money to the lender, even though you no longer have the car. You signed a written agreement with the lender promising to pay a certain amount each month for how ever many months were in the lease. You breached that written contract by not paying the monthly lease - Just because the car is taken away from you does not absolve your financial responsibility to pay for the remaining parts of the lease.

What is the procedure for repossessing a vehicle on private property in Florida?

You need not notify the vehicle owner. It can be repossessed from a private driveway or yard. You cannot break into a garage nor threaten the owner with violence. The person doing the repossession must be licensed by the State. Within five days, you must send written notification to the owner, telling him to come get his personal belongings that were in the vehicle.

What can happen to your debt after your car is repossessed?

Your debt is then written off as the car covers the cost of the debt.

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