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It depends on if your on a cell phone or on your house phone. On cell phones, some people have a certain amount of minutes that are free. Cell phones also have certain times at night that it will not cost you anything. Cell phones can also have free weekends if you get that. Your house phone always shows long distance phone calls and sometimes your phone shows local phone calls. It really depends on what kind of plan or phone you have got.


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yes it will show up on your bill is your dial numbers come on your bill.

Yes, *67 does show on a phone bill. It will be listed in the charges on your phone bill just as regular phone numbers will be listed.

Yes, it will show in phone memory and on the bill.

Skype chatting like video does not show up on the normal phone bill. If you call a contacts cell phone from your account on skype and you do not have credit it will not go through. If you have credit, it will show up on your phone bill. But regular videos chats do not show up on your phone bill.

It can if your parents request that they see on the phone bill.

No, I just checked my bill and it does not show IMessages

Cell phone carriers do not show text messages on their phone bill. Most cell phone carriers will only show the phone numbers of the sent and received messages.

No, a landline phone bill doesn't show incoming numbers, blocked or otherwise.

If you mean your home (land line phone) hit your "redial" button, which will show the last number dialed from that particular phone. But if you have more than one handset (phone), it will only show the last number dialed from THAT phone. You can also hit the redial button repeatedly (up to 5 times on most phones) to get the number of the last 5 calls dialed from that phone. Note that for certain toll-free business numbers, such as some telephone company customer support lines (Frontier is one), "Redial" will not work - you must dial the number each time you call.

if it is a pay as u go phone it doesn't but a pay phone for a bill will be sent to u individually

Sites will not show up on your phone bills but the dates used will.

Not on a landline phone-bill, but it might show on a mobile phone's bill if the caller is 'roaming' the person dialled has to pay a charge for receiving roaming calls.

No, they will not. Since there is no charge for a toll-free call from a landline, it does not show up in the itemized call listing on your phone bill.

I have a land line (rather than a cell phone) and nobody's number who phones me shows up on my phone bill.

there are parental plans that show all messages sent and receive in their siblings cell phones.

The number 42947 that shows on your phone bill appears to be from a mobile alert service. Customers are usually charged for receiving these texts.

No, as long as you have the text message via off, then it won't show.

No because it's not wasting up any minutes

Get a fully-itemised bill. It will show ALL outgoing calls.

It's rare for any phone bill to show incoming calls - the purpose of the bill is to charge you for outgoing calls ! If my bill listed all my incoming calls - the phone company would need a forklift to deliver it !

That depends on what you mean. On the phone that is making the call, and on that person's phone bill, the call will show up at the time in the time zone from which the call was placed. The phone of the person receiving the call, and that person's phone bill (if, for example, you pay for incoming calls on a cellphone), will show the call at the time it was received.

yes it does u just gotta asked them for it

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