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Venus does have craters. Like Earth, most of the smaller asteroids burn up in the atmosphere.


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YES! Venus does have craters!! It has relatively few impact craters because much of the planet has been resurfaced by lava flows.

All four of the terrestrial planets; Mercury, Venus, Earth, and Mars have craters.

Mercury, Venus, Earth, and Mars all have impact craters.

venus does have some craters but there is volcanos on venus

Yes. Venus has a number of impact craters.

None - However she is acknowledged as a minor planet and a number of craters on Venus.

Venus is a rocky planet with a very thick atmosphere due to greenhouse gasses. Many volcanos and craters also are abundnt on Venus.

There is no terrestrial planet without craters.

Venus is covered with volcanoes so the lava covers the craters.

No. Nothing protects a planet from craters. The atmosphere of Venus does give it some production, though, from asteroid and comet impacts, which form craters. Smaller objects will burn up or disintegrate before they can reach the surface. It does little to protect from large impacts, though.

Little craters because Venus is the hottest planet in our solar system, so any comets or asteroids would burn up because of the heat or in the thick atmosphere.

Yes, but there are not so many craters, per square kilometer,as on the Moon.

There are many theories as to why Venus would have craters. This could be the product of many asteroid hits.

yes meteors hit Venus surface the craters that were once on the surface disappear

Venus has about 1,000 young craters, the biggest of which is Crater Mead, about 170 mile across. Oddly, there is no evidence on Venus of old craters like we see on the moon, Earth, and Mars. Somehow these old craters were smoothed over on Venus . . . by lava flow?? By high winds??

Venus has craters on it's surface!

Venus has many volcanoes and craters.

Most of the craters have been buried by lava flows from the many volcanoes on Venus.

Venus has a very dense atmosphere, which helps burn up many meteors it pulls in. This lets the planet have many less craters than others. Additionally, the gas giants don't have any known craters, since they are made of mostly gas.

While we can barely detect that Eris exists (much less see if it has any craters) I would be surprised if it does not have any craters. So far, every body with a solid surface has craters. Except Venus, and I think that the reason we haven't seen craters on Venus is the fact that the atmosphere of Venus is an impenetrable haze.

the planet venus is in space the planet venus is in space

There are nearly a thousand craters on Venus. 85% of them are in pristine condition, which suggests that the volcanism on Venus subsided several hundred million years ago.

Venus is coverd with Mountains, Valcanoes, and craters. There is no water on Venus.

Only a rocky planet can have craters, because otherwise there is not a surface for a crater to form. For example Jupiter, a gaseous planet, cannot have craters.

Yes. There are impact craters on Venus. It has fewer craters that Mercury or the moon, though, because many craters have been covered by lava flows from the planet's volcanoes.

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