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Does the plant elodea affect the salinity of water?

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not at all, in fact it is a freshwater plant

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What is a elodea plant?

Elodea is an Angiospermic water plant which is fully submerged in water

How does salt affect the elodea plant?

When exposed to salt water, fresh water Elodea cells lose water, and the cell membrane pulls away from the cell wall

Is elodea plant a floating plant?

Yes, Elodea is an aquatic plant. It is free floating in ponds and lakes of fresh water.

What is the function of the leaves in an elodea plant?

Elodea plant leaves release large amounts of oxygen into the water.

What does salinity affect?

salinity affects the plants ability to draw water from the soil. too much salinity prevents the plant from getting any water and it dies. It also can get underneath houses and make them rot.

Do chloroplasts move in elodea cells?

yes they are moving. elodea is a water plant.

What is an elodea?

A Aquatic Plant ( plant or leaf that live in water)

Does elodea have cell walls?

Elodea is a green plant growing in water and does have cell walls.

Is Elodea a freshwater or salt water plant?

The Elodea is a fresh water plant, and is common in ponds across North America. It is also used in fresh water aquariums.

What are the two factors that affect the salinity of ocean water?

The temperature and the minerals in the ocean are the two factors that affect salinity of ocean water.

How do salinity and temperature affect the density of water?

As salinity and temperature rise, water density increases.

How does water movement affect salinity?

Well, the movement off the water moves the salt or the salinity.

How do Elodea move?

Elodea is an aquatic plant so it moves with the current of the water that it is in. It only lives in freshwater and is known as a water weed.

How does water temperature affect water salinity?

Scroll down to related links and look at "Temperature and Salinity".

How does salt in soil affect humans?

Salinity becomes a problem when enough salts accumulate in the root zone to negatively affect plant growth. Excess salts in the root zone hinder plant roots from withdrawing water from surrounding soil. This lowers the amount of water available to the plant, regardless of the amount of water actually in the root zone. The main point is that excess salinity in soil water can decrease plant available water and cause plant stress. Decreased plant growth translates into less agriculture to sustain human population and surrounding ecosystems.

How does salinity affect plant growth?

Depends entirely upon the plant and the salinity - all plants have a small range of tolerance but different plant species have a very wide range and some plants are actually restricted to growing in positions which stand in sea-water. Numerically, there are far more species intolerant of salinity than there are that tolerate it.

How does salinity affect water temperature?

The temperature and salinity of seawater determine its density. Water gets denser as it gets saltier and reaches a maximum density at 4 °C. Salinity does affect the boiling point and freezing point of water, but not its temperature.

How does the salinity of water affect how well objects can float or sink in the water?

the higher the salinity the more easily an object can float

What factors affect salinity of a tidepool?

Temperature of the water

Does the salinity affect the freezing point of water?


Why are cutin stomata and guard cells absent in elodea?

Cutin, stomata and guard cells are used for water loss prevention. These are not needed because Elodea is a water plant.

Does the salinity or density of water affect the water's boiling point?

as the salinity of water increased the bioling point increased and the denisty as well

What 2 things affect the density of ocean water?

the temperature of the water and the salinity of the water

What are the causes of salinity?

salinity can cause by overuse of water . it can be also happen when the seawater replace the ground water and when overuse the land and unwatered plant

What 2 things affect the density of water?

the temperature and the salinity

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