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I'm not sure what you mean by "the presence of a solution." If the metal is simple dissolved in water (in the form of a metal salt for instance), than no, the flame test will still work fine. If you mean that there are other things present in the solution, then each element will still make the same color in the flame, but because the mixture of elements will provide a mixture of colors, it will be quite difficult to determine what is present in the mix (especially because of the way colors can combine to give new colors).

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How does the presence of an acid in a water solution affect the pH of the solution?

The presence of an acid lowers the pH of the solution in water.

How does the presence of an acid in a water solution affect the pH solution?

The presence of an acid reduces the pH.

How does the presence of a coefficient affect the number of atoms of each type in the formula that the coefficient precedes?

it tells you what charge the element will be

What affects the freezing point depression of a solution?

The solvent used in the solution, the concentration used in the solution and the number of ions produced in the solution will affect the freezing point depression and the boiling point elevation of a solution.

How does the presence of humus affect the soil?

how does the presence of humus affect soil

How did the iodine solution affect of the image of onion cells?

there will be change in the color for iodine into blue,black because of the presence of starch in it.

If a flask is not wiped dry how would that affect the molar mass?

The presence of water or cleaning solution will dilute or taint whatever is put inside. This change will affect the overall chemical property of the solution, causing a false mass and volume reading.

Can the presence of inhibitors or activitors affect enzyme activity?

The presence of inhibitors or activators will definitely affect enzyme activity. The enzyme activity is sensitive to the presence of most substances.

How does water affect the desert?

Water is a basic element when it comes to life and its presence in the desert makes life thrive. Too much water in the desert may result in soil erosion.

What chemical element affect IQ?

Zinc (Zn) is the chemical element that affect the IQ's of humans, IQ's of human can be determined in terms of the zinc content in its is believed that the higher the presence of zinc in your hair the higher is your IQ. In addition, the choice of using a shampoo is one of the reason why we sometimes felt high presence of mind with increase in analysis. there are other shampoo that can add zinc content to our hair, it simply means that we are about to change our lifestyle in choosing the shampoo.

Does smoke affect the plants transpiration?

Does the presence of smoke in the air affect plant transpiration?

How does adding solute to a solution affect the mass of the solution?

It increases the mass.

How does dilution affect concentration of a solution?

Dilution reduces the concentration of a solution.

When new cells are produced how will crossing over affect how they appear?

I KNOW When new cells are produced, how will "crossing over" affect how they appear?

What factors affect buoyant force?

The presence of trapped air

How can chemical reactions produce color change?

Simply put, the products are a different color from the reactants. For example, when copper reacts with a silver nitrate solution it turns the solution from colorless to blue. This is because while the silver ions (Ag+) do not affect the solution while the copper ions (Cu2+) released by the reaction are blue in the presence of water.

Which factors affect pH?

acid and alkalis can affect pH. Adding an acidic substance to a solution will lower its pH and adding an alkaline substance to a solution will raise the pH of the solution

Factor that affect the rate of reaction?

Temperature, concentration/pressure, the presence of a catalyst, the size of reactant particles, and the presence of an inhibitor.

What are the 3 things that can affect the enzymes and how?

Temperature, presence of acid, presence of base as all three can cause denaturation of enzyme.

Does the presence or absence of a net affect free throw accuracy?

Yes the presence or absence of a net affect free throw accuracy. The net provides a visual target for the player to aim toward.

How an acid in the water solution affect the pH of the solution?

The pH is under 7.

How does the presense of an acid in water solution affect the pH of the solution?

It lowers the pH?

What are some examples of things that will affect the time it takes for a solid to dissolve in a solution?

The temperature of the solution, the particle size of the solute, and whether the solution is stirred will all affect the amount of time it takes for a substance to dissolve into solution.

Why is it that the presence of indicator does not affect the reaction between acid and base?

indicators are dyes that have one color in acidic medium and different color in a basic it cannot have any effect on any of the solution because it is colorless

How does the aircraft carrier affect the presence of the United States abroad?