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Mars's soil is red because it is very rich in iron oxide, or rust.

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Where does the reddish of Mars come from?

The reddish of marscomes from it's sand which has iron in it which makes the sand red.

Where did the name Mars come from?

the name mars came from its color red. sometimes the word mars can be used as the color red in a different language.

Where does the name of Mars come from?

The planet is named after Mars, the Roman god of war. It is also called to as the Red Planet because of its reddish appearance as seen from Earth.

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Do Mars Bars actually come from Mars?

No they do not.

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When will Mars come to earth?

Actually mars will come close to earth on August 27th 2009!

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What does the name Mars come from?

The name Mars comes from the Roman god Mars which in Greek is Ares.

Do Mars bars come from Mars?

No, they are from Earth. The Mars name is the company founderโ€™s last name.

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Do Jews come from mars?


Where did Mars name come from?

They named Mars after the Roman god of war.

Who is the richest guy on Mars?

Oh come on now.... there is no life on Mars.

What planet come after earth?

Mars come after Earth

What may determine the color of the rock?

Rock colours depend on the elements and minerals composition in it. Rock composed of copper carbonated mineral is green. The reddish limestone with iron mineral may look reddish. Mixed colour of many minerals may come out with grey colour in the same manner as mixing of paints.

What is a good slogan for a brochure on Mars?

Come to Mars the past meets the future

Where did the iron oxide on mars come from?

Its possible that there was once a vast civilization on mars. And due to changes on the red planet( whether it be climactic changes, or something else) the metals used in that vast world wide civilization( probably a giant city that covered the planet) eroded away leaving behind nothing but the reddish iron oxide on the planet.