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Q: Does the regenerist wrinkle filler 3 point rtreatment cream and the4 skin polisher have retinol or collagen in them surely these are the two products which fimrs the skin?
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Do Olay Regenerist products really make skin younger or less wrinkled?

The moisturizers and vitamins in Olay Regenerist products do make skin healthier and may improve its appearance.

Do Olay Regenerist products really reduce wrinkling?

Olay Regenerist seems to work to a certain degree,but it's difficult to quantify.

Can Olay Regenerist give you firmer skin?

Yes, Olay Regenerist can give you firmer skin. Olay Regenerist will also hydrate your skin and reduce your wrinkles as well. Olay Regenerist will also keep your skin hydrated longer than other products while it firms your skin.

What is collegen used for in skin care products?

Collagen is used in skin care products in order to tighten the skin, giving the user a more youthful look. Some products that use collagen include Collagen Plus and Marine Collagen Facial Cream.

What's the best Oil of Olay cream to use for dry skin?

There are several products that could be considered the best Oil of Olay cream to use for dry skin. Some of those products are Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream and Regenerist Regenerating Serum.

What facial products does Olay sell?

"Olay sells many facial products. They sell Pro X, Pro Clear, Regenerist, Definity, Complete, and Clensers."

Does Olay Regenerist provide visible results?

I have not used the Olay regenerist myself. My husband has a 42 year old cousin who swears by it. She looks to me about 30 years old and she says she only uses Oil of Olay products. She is beautiful.

What is Olay's sole purpose of the development of Olay Regenerist Products as one of the leaders in the skincare industry?

Olay developed their range of Regenerist products by combining amino-peptides and B3 complex with other anti-aging ingredients including Vitamin E, green tea extracts, and glycerin. These products are said to regenerate the surface of the skin and strengthen the moisture barrier.

What products help to enhance collagen?

Any foods which contain genistein are what help boost collagen. Some of these products include soy. Others are cheese, soymilk, peanut butter, and almond milk.

What products are made from animals?

The most obvious product of animals is meat. The next product would be hides and wool, but there are some others. Animal collagen is one of the most important products from animals. Collagen is used in the manufacture of cosmetics, and many pharmaceutical products. Even everyone's favorite, Jello! is made from the collagen of animals.

How much do Olay Regenerist product typically cost?

Oil of Olay Regenerist products typically range anywhere from $6 to $29.99 in price. You can find great deals at WalMart and online at Amazon. And there are always manufacturer's coupons available online and in the Sunday paper.

Is chicken collagen casing made from beef?

Chicken products are made from chicken.

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