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Does the run count if a runner is on third with 2 outs and the batter hits a triple but misses 2nd base and is out on appeal?


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2011-05-04 22:01:34
2011-05-04 22:01:34

Since "Appeals" are extensions of the play. All runs scored would count, and the batter would be credited with a single, since that was the last base he reached safely and the inning would be over (as this would be the 3rd out), now if he missed 1st base, then no runs would count as he never reached base safely, This would be the case even if he hit a homerun.


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It would be an out if the fielding team tagged the bag before the runner. However; if the picture threw a pitch to the next batter it would be a hit.

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A defensive player doesn't have to touch the ball for an Out to be recorded. The batter can strike out, a runner can be called Out on interference for being struck by a fair batted ball, and a runner can be called Out on appeal for missing a base, a batter can be declared out as a result of the Infield Fly Rule, etc. But in each of these cases, only one Out is recorded. I can't imagine any situation where it would be possible to record a triple play without a defensive player touching the ball.

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Batter 1 triple out trying to come home Batter 2 triple out trying to come home batter 3 triple stays glued to third batter 4 double stays glued to second batter 5 single stays glued to first batter 6 single final out is a tag of home or a tag of the runner from first who didn't advance

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Runners on first and second. Batter pops it up and is out due to the infield fly rule. The runner on first passes the runner on second and is out. The remaining runner is hit by the pop fly. Unassisted triple play.

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