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No, if there is a runner on first and the second baseman fields the ball and throws it to the shortstop, who muffs the play and allows both the runner and batter to advance/reach safely, the play would be ruled a fielder's choice and an error. It would still count as an at-bat and a non-hit for the batter, just as if the second-baseman had muffed the throw to the first-baseman with nobody on base.

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Right fielders ordinarily have better arms because they are in the farthest position from 3rd base. If a ball is hit far out to left field, the runner is often let have 1st base. Right fielders need a rocket of an arm in order to stop the runner from getting on 3rd base, or rounding 3rd to home

Not always. If a fielder is in possession of the ball AND in physical contact to a base that a base runner must run, then that base runner is out.

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no, you can tag the runner to get him out or on a play where the runner is forced to run you can step on the base he is running to.

If it is a force (i.e. there are people on all the bases behind the runner) play, then yes, the baseman needs to touch the base to get the runner out. If the runner is not required to move to that base, then the baseman must tag the runner to get him out. The baseman does not NEED to touch the base to record the out. The defense may tag the runner OR the bag.

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This is not a force play, so the runner would have to be tagged to be Out.

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When proceeding to first a runner can not retreat towards home nor can they come to a complete stop of forward motion. If they do either of these the the runner is to be called out without need of a tag on the runner or the base. This only applies to a runner between home and first.

If the defense throws it to first and the umpire makes the call, the runner is out, but if the ump does not make the call an appeal must be made to determine the situation of the runner.

Any time a ball is caught by a fielder prior to the ball hitting the ground, with that catch not being the third out, any base runner can IN THEORY advance to the next base after the catch is made. However, if the fielder throws the ball to the base the runner is trying to get to, and the runner is tagged before reaching that base, that runner is also out. Thus, in a practical sense, the ball needs to be hit sufficiently far that the fielder, after catching the ball, could not throw the ball to the base, the runner would try to advance to, before the runner actually got to that base. That distance depends on how well the fielder can throw the ball and how fast the runner can get to the next base.

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