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outer rim the inner rim goes to the belt that connects to the ac pulley

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Q: Does the serpentine belt goes on the inner rim or outer rim of the crack case pulley on a 1993 Eclipse GS?
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How do you replace serpentine belt on 1999 Volvo model s80 turbo?

You have to remove the balancer from the crank pulley. There are 4 13mm bolts holding it on. The easiest way is to remove the tire and inner fender tub.

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How do you tighten the serpentine belt on a 1986 Golf 1.8L?

there is no serpentine belt on an '86. there is a v-belt and a timing belt. the v-belt is tightened by moving the alternator. the timing belt is tightened by rotating the inner core of the tensioner. the inner core is eccentricly mounted, i.e. if you rotate it, the tensioner moves. there is a serpentine belt alond with two independent belts.

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Where is the crank sensor on 1995 ford tarus sho?

The crank position sensor is mounted to the block below the water pump and above the crank snout. To get to it you need to remove the passenger side wheel and tire, inner fender, both serpentine belts and the main tentioner, crankshaft pulley, and timing covers.

How do you change the serpentine belt on a 1996 Oldsmobile Aurora?

Change beltUse a 1/2" drive extension to release the belt tension. While holding the belt tensioner over take the belt off of the power steering pulley. After that just work the belt off of the remainder of the pulleys until you have it off. It is helpful to remove the inner fender to gain better access to the air conditioner pulley and crank pulley. to put the new belt on reverse the process putting the belt on the power steering pulley last while holding the belt tension over.

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How do you change the serpentine belt on a 1999 Volkswagen Beetle?

look at the top of where the serpentine belt is located. there is a pulley (called belt tensioner)with a square nipple sticking out the top of it. find a wrench the size of the nipple(via 3/4 or 7/8 etc..)and push towards the back of the car to loosen belt. now remove belt. now line up new belt following the belt route located under the hood. push the tensioner pulley back and pull belt on top pulley, making sure belt is still on all of the other pulleys hint: sometimes you have to take out the inner fender of the front right tire out and put a clamp on the belt and main pulley to hold it in place before you continue installing the rest of the belt.

How to change the serpentine belt and what tools needed 2003 4-cylinder galant?

first of all there are 2 belts not one continuous belt the inner one runs the water pump and alt off the crank pulley the outer runs the ac and power steering off the crank pulley loosen lock bolts and run the adjusting rod the loosen the alt do the same on the power steering

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How do you remove the crank shaft pulley on a Grand Am SE?

its located on the front passenger side of the car.first take off the tire,then the inner fender and the crankshaft pulley will be right there. its also easier to do with air tools.

What V belt does on what pulley on a GM 350 engine I have a three grooved pulley which belt goes on the inner middle outer pulleys AC Alternator Power Steering in which order?

I've got the alt on the inner groove, the water pump on the middle groove, and the ps pump on the outer groove. I don't know if this is correct but it works for me.

Where is the Crank sensor on a Fiat seicento?

Remove drivers side front wheel. Remove inner plastic wheel arch/guard. The crankshaft pulley is now visible To the right hand-side of the pulley is the crankshaft sensor

What is the weight of a 97 Mitsubishi eclipse?

i have a 97 gst and on the inner door frame the gross weight is aprox 3100 lbs

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The inner part is called the umbra and the outer part is called the penumbra.

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Where are theTiming marks Renault espace 2.2td?

camshaft has two timing marks one on the inside of the cam sprocket and one on the outside. the inner one lines up with the pointer cutout in the rocker cover the outer one should be at 45 degress back from tdc. diesel pump has a pointer in the cover and the crankshaft mark is under the serpentine belt pulley (you need to remove this to see it)

How do you remove the pulley on a1970 vw bug?

Upper pulley - remove nut on generator shaft. The nut, bell-shaped washer, extra shims, pulley half, used shims, and inner pulley half come off in that order. More shims between the pulley halves will loosen the belt. Fewer shims will tighten it. Put the leftover shims under the bell shaped washer so they'll be around when you put on a new, tight belt. Lower pulley - Put the car in 4th gear and remove the bolt (it's right handed) If the pulley is really stuck, you might need a gear puller to get it off.

If the crankshaft pulley on a 1991 geo prism does not turn when the engine is runnig what is wrong?

I have a 1990 geo with the same problem. What is wrong with mine is the pulley is actually a two part pulley ( an inner ring and outer ring) there is a rubber bushing that connects the two or in other words takes up the space between the two. That rubber bushing is most likely worn out. It could also a sheared key. The pulley and crankshaft both have a key way cut in them. I would say it is the rubber bushing. I have a 1990 geo with the same problem. What is wrong with mine is the pulley is actually a two part pulley ( an inner ring and outer ring) there is a rubber bushing that connects the two or in other words takes up the space between the two. That rubber bushing is most likely worn out. It could also a sheared key. The pulley and crankshaft both have a key way cut in them. I would say it is the rubber bushing.

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How do you change a fan belt on a 72 bug?

You should get Muirs book and or the Bentley manual as they have a HUGE amount of info. They have a two piece pulley system. Put a medium size straight screw driver in the slot of the inner Generator pulley and then it will hold the pulley from moving when you take off the nut. Keep track of the "shims". Put "shims" between the two pulleys or between the nut and outer pulley to tighten or loosen the belt. Once you get it right put the remaining "shims" between the outer pulley and the nut and then torque it down.

How do you put on Kia Sedona drivebelts?

the easiest way I have found to change the belts on my 04 kia sedona is to remove the passenger side wheel and then remove the plastic inner fender. This will give you direct access to the belts. Then loosen the belt tensioner pulley by loosening the nut in the middle of the pulley and then loosen the bolt underneath. This will allow you to remove the belt. To reassemble just do the same in reverse. REMEMBER to tighten the bolt in the center of the pulley. I lost the pulley one time and no parts store carries that particular pulley. I had to rob one from a salvage yard.

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