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Mitsubishi Eclipse

Does the serpentine belt goes on the inner rim or outer rim of the crack case pulley on a 1993 Eclipse GS?


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2009-03-20 15:59:16
2009-03-20 15:59:16

outer rim the inner rim goes to the belt that connects to the ac pulley


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You have to remove the balancer from the crank pulley. There are 4 13mm bolts holding it on. The easiest way is to remove the tire and inner fender tub.

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inner hip uncomfort ability forces us unconscouiosly wanna crack them.

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there is no serpentine belt on an '86. there is a v-belt and a timing belt. the v-belt is tightened by moving the alternator. the timing belt is tightened by rotating the inner core of the tensioner. the inner core is eccentricly mounted, i.e. if you rotate it, the tensioner moves. there is a serpentine belt alond with two independent belts.

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