Does the sheriff or repo man have the right to enter your home or garage to look for the vehicle in Missouri?


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2015-07-15 18:41:14
2015-07-15 18:41:14

Repoman?? NO,NO, and NO. the sheriff?? IF he has a replevin OR warrant, YES. In ANY state. And for the repoman to say he can is ILLEGAL. Call an attorney.


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The car can only be repossessed from a locked garage if the car is spotted in the garage from a window or a crack, but the repo company cannot enter the garage if the car was not visibly spotted.

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Most courts have ruled that you CANT enter a closed dwelling. Carport yes, garage NO. Call a local attorney NOW with the facts and any witnesses you have. Good Luck

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Repo Man can come anytime but cannot enter your garage if your vehicle is parked in it.

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It is NOT legal to enter a garage in any state to repo a car, unless the repossession agent has a replevin order issued by the court that holds jurisdiction. Call a local attorney.

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Missouri enter the Union as a slave state in 1821.

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