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yes her name is Jondelle Michelle Lee and they have two children, Anaia Jolie

Houston and Jarell Damonte Houston. Anaia is older than Jarell by one year. They were born in 2005 and 2006.

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Q: Does the singer of the group B2K J-Boog has a girlfriend?
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Jboog from b2k has a baby?

Jboog does have kids. He's got two.

When was Girlfriend by B2K released?

"Girlfriend" by B2K, a hip hop/R&B group including four members, was recorded in 2002 and officially released in March of 2003. The song debuted at #30 on the Billboard Hot 100.

What group was Omarion in?


What hits did the band B2K produce?

The most popular hit produced by B2K was the single Girlfriend. This song reached top 100 charts for months at a time. For more information check B2K's website.

When did b2k became a group?

i think in 1996

Is Omarion the name of the leader singer for the band B2K?

Omarion is the the lead singer for the band B2K. His birth name is Omari Ishmael Grandberry, and his role also includes being a songwriter and a dancer for the band.

Is b2k group old right now?

i love y'all I Love your sing were do you leave how old is y'all b2k i will all was family!

Who is Omarion's best friend?

Omarion's best friend is rapper/TV host, Bow Wow. They've been friends back when Omarion was the lead singer for the boy group B2K.

Who is better b5 or b2k?


Where was the singer by the name of Omarion born?

Omarion was born and raised in Las Vegas. He was a songwriter, record producer, dancer and former lead singer of B2K.

When did B2K start?

The members met in 1998 however the group was actually established in 2001.

What does b2k stand for?

B2k means Boys of the New Millineum

Who is lil fizz to raz b?

They are not related. They were former band mates in the pop group B2K

How long was Omarion singing?

Omarion has been singing since 2001. He started off his music career as the lead singer of the R&B music group B2K. Then he released his solo album O in 2005.

What is do b2k stand for?

B2k stands for the boys of the new millenium.

Who is featured in the music track let me hold you by Bow Wow?

The person featured in the music track Let Me Hold You by Bow Wow is Omarion. Omarion is a singer from B2K, a R & B group. Let Me Hold You is a single album and was released in 2005.

Is b2k gay?


Can you give me the definition of the boy band b2k?

B2K stands for Boys of the New Millennium (2K = 2000)

Are Jhene and Lil Fizz together?

No, they are not together. They are/were close like family. But Jhene did play Lil Fizz's girlfriend in B2K's Why I Love You music video. Some people claimed they were together but Jhene said that Fizz is basically family. Jhene also said that her first boyfriend was in B2K (whoever it was).

Does any members of b2k have a myyearbookcom?

Well I don't know about a Myyearbook, but i know for sure Lil Fizz has a Myspace. The URL is I have him as a friend and I know it's him for sure because he gave it out on youtube. I think Jboog has one too but I'm not sure of the URL. If he does it'll be on Fizz's friend list im sure. Hope this helps!!!

What is omarions last band?


How old was Omarion when he was in B2K?


Who sold the most albums Jagged Edge or B2K?

i think that jagged edge sold the most albus over b2k jagged edge

Why did lil fizz go to jail?

According to my knowledge Lil' fizz has never been arrested. Although his best friend and former B2K Group member J-Boog was arrested for domestic violence in June of 2010. (J-Boog and the alleged victim both deny any violence occurred). Raz-B, former B2K member and viral video troublemaker, has also been arrested in the past after B2K's separation.

Who are the members of b2k?

Omarion Grandberry <3 lil fizz J boog & raz B B2K split up in 2004!