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No it doesn't really matter it is just if you can throw far.


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It depends on how far it goes and the size of the bird.

depends how good you are at throwing

it depends on how hard you throw

actually its up to how far it goes it does hurt

It depends on the size of the bomb.

Depends on body size and how far you have come in puberty

a person who goes out for a pass and is always out on the far left or far right like randy moss and jerry rice

depends on how far you stretch them

Depends on the size of the fire. I will park as far away as I could.

A flat football goes as far as a Hoagie Does *dughs I can throw a flat football a spiral around the circumference of the room 4

This really depends on the car.

No If a spider were the same size as a human then it might be able to. What sort of football field? US or UK?

The 'invention' of football goes back as far as the 11th century in England. During those days the football was an inflated bladder, usually from a pig. This is where the term 'pigskin' came from.

Not as far as college football goes. The Coca Cola Classic college football game was played in Tokyo, Japan between 1986-1993.

Nope, i have a friend with huge hands who sucks at trowing a football. I also have a friend who has smaller hands but is better.

the larger the circumference of the ball, the farther it will go.

yes it does when you change the size of the football you change the way the air moves around it. The smaller the football the less air resistence but less stability, meaning it will go far but not where you want it. The larger the football the more air resistance and more stability, meaning it won't go as far as the small football but it will be more accurate. Really it all comes down to how hard you kick it, and how you kick it.

It really depends on how far they came from and how fast they enter the earth atmosphere. They can vary from the size of Jupiter to the size or Miami Florida.

depends on how far the alignment is out, could be 100 miles could be 1000+ miles, there is not realy an answer as it depends on how far toe in/out the car is

Depends on your location. if you mean which goes the farthest from nest-Argentine,.

No, it determines the leverage. How far the ball goes depends upon the point of contact, swing speed, velocity of the pitch, and angle of the swing.

the smaller the airplane is the plane goes farther and the bigger the planes the plane doesnt go farther

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