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Q: Does the skin get affected because of the eclipse?
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When was Red Skin Eclipse created?

Red Skin Eclipse was created in 1992-11.

How will the eclipse be affected when the sun moon and earth line up?

It will be a Solar Eclipse

How do the planets line up in a solar eclipse?

Planets are not affected by a solar eclipse.

Which accessory organs of the skin are affected by acne?

The sebaceous glands are the accessory organs of the skin affected by acne.

What organs are affected by eczema?

The skin is the organ affected by eczema.

What part of the human body is affected by skin cancer?


Can you get cancer from a yeast infection?

Yes , a=Any body can get affected due to this because it generally harming the skin.

How has racism affected the development of American popular music?

because some American are differt skin color

Does solar eclipse cause skin cancer?

No. Skin cancer is caused by UV, or Ultraviolet Rays from the sun, and during a solar eclipse there is very little UV

What organ is affected by albinism?


What organ is affected by dermatitis?

The skin.

Which organ is affected by ringworm?


Which organ is affected by frostbite?

Your skin

Besicaly what type of skin get affect by acne?

Oily or greasy skin is the type of skin that is mostly affected by acne. It gets affected in the forehead and under the chin

Why is it more important to detect changes in blood temperature than the skin temperature?

because skin temperature may be affected by outside environment but blood temperature does not.

What body part is affected by scarlet fever?

Your skin is affected by scarlet fever.

Which organ is affected by UV light?

the skin?!

What organ is usually affected by fungus?

the skin

What is the treatment for skin disease like an-an?

remove the affected skin with burie blade

How do you get fiberglass out of skin?

The fiber glass can be removed out of the skin through surgery if it is a major case. This is because it is usually very thin. Otherwise it can be removed by piercing the affected area with a needle.

Is the solar eclipse different from the eclipse?

The soler eclipse is diffrent from the normal eclipse because the soler eclipse is when the moon crosses the sun and the normal eclipse is when the sun crosess the moon.

Does the eclipse harm the children's skin?

No. There is nothing inherently harmful about an eclipse, and certainly not to anybody's skin. The only possible danger comes during a solar eclipse, during which people will be tempted to look at the sun. Looking at the sun at any time can damage your eyes.

How is a lunar and solar eclipse alike?

They both involve the moon and the sun, and the world will be affected.

What layer of skin is affected by a manicure?

That would be the cuticle.

What part of the human body is affected by Melanoma?