Does the study of the book A Course In Miracles promote a universal experience?

I would say so, YES!

A Course in Miracles, as implied by the (A) course: eludes to the fact that it is just one path among many. I have been reading it for about a year, and find it very helpful, as a mind training source. It is not meant I believe to replace a religion, but also could be used as a stand alone source of reaching peace of mind and God if you so wish.

The book its self does state clearly that it is a required course that All will come to learn, but it's message does not need to come from the book its self, there is many ways its message can be experience, all of which will be at the right place and the right time, and the Holy Spirit determines best for the individual.

I have found much peace, as I have said in the sort time I have read it, I encourage you to trust your own feelings as to if it is the right book and time for you to read.