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The tooth fairy, being a magical creature, never loses her teeth.

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Q: Does the tooth fairy take her own teeth?
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What age is the tooth fairy film horror?

it horrors my own tooth fairy is Ashely

Dose everybody have there own tooth fairy?

There is no tooth fairy. But, for your kid's benefit (I hope) there is one universal tooth fairy, just like Santa Claus!

My child wants to keep her tooth and leave a note for the tooth fairy. Should the tooth fairy leave her money?

Yes, of course, that is the whole purpose. Well, the "Tooth Fairy's" job is to take the tooth from under the pillow and leave a gift, it can be money or whatever she would choose to leave. If the TOOTH isn't there for her to pick up it elimates her job and the story is incomplete. She isn't called the note fairy, or the "iou" fairy, after all! I'd explain to her that, I didn't think it would work, that it is like she is trying to trick the Tooth Fairy, she knows the tooth came out and is waiting for the tooth. But if she still wanted to try I'd let her, but the Tooth Fairy wouldn't be acting like the note fairy, she'd be offended and not take the note. Maybe even leave one of her own, asking for the tooth. Then I'd encourage her to leave the tooth the next night and the Tooth Fairy would be happy to leave a gift, maybe with a note saying it's not nice to try and fool the Tooth Fairy. The Tooth Fairy can leave more than just money, he can leave a note or a small gift. The Tooth Fairy really needs teeth for his castle, so that is why he takes every single tooth.

Why did people make the tooth fairy?

The tooth fairy is different for all & is real in a way you can explain to your own kids later.

How fast is the tooth fairy?

The Tooth Fairy is almost too fast to see! When the Tooth Fairy hears that, Clap of sound, that over whelming thunderous clap that you feel in your bones! The Tooth Fairy is off like a shot, being pulled by forces we can't understand, to the location of the tooth that just jumped from it's assigned slot in the mouth of a child. Even with all the speed of the Tooth Fairy, flashing through the sky like a metor or the silver stream of a jet, it may take all day, even into the night before the Tooth Fairy can reach the tooth calling out to be retreived. The Tooth Fairy may have to stop untold times before reaching the original goal, because during the trip for the first tooth, others will call, many others will call out with their own thunderous clap along the way. Pulling the Tooth Fairy this way and that! Many different teeth pulling and tugging on the Fairy! And as I've said, the Tooth Fairy is a very special Fairy, and being such adapts to the changing plans, forces, and routes to make the best use of time possible. After all, The Tooth Fairy has had a long time to become an expert at this. So, the Tooth Fairy is very fast, and if not always stopping to gather teeth, and tend to the duties as required of such a powerful fairy, might even have had to figure some way to slow down. The air does tend to get hot, and burn just a bit, when going that fast!

What do tooth look like?

A tooth looks like a little thing that are inside your mouth when your tooth falls out you will see your own toothand when it falls out pu it under your pillow and a fairy will come and take your tooth and give you money. mrs shelda mrs/mr

Is such thing as tooth fairy?

The tooth fairy is not REAL our real Tooth fairy's are probably our own PARENTS try this do not tell your parents that u lost a tooth and then put it under your pillow lets see what happens next if your tooth is gone and replaced by money its probably one of your parents have checked under your pillow Good bye hopefully this is sorta Helpful?

Can dogs get the plaque?

Of course! Dogs get tooth plague easily. If you own a dog, you must brush their teeth daily. But however, if the dog DOES NOT have clean teeth, he/she will have trouble with tooth rot!

Can you count your own teeth?

yes use a marker and color each tooth you count

How do you own your brother?

ok when he is just going asleep, take a plastic cup with cold water and his tooth brush in it. Stick the cup in the freezer. in the mourning, wake up early, take the frozen tooth-brush and put it into the tooth brush holder. and wa-lla he brushes his teeth with a frozen toothbrush

Can you brush a hamsters teeth?

i recommend NOT to brush your hamsters teeth because they an get sore gums and you can by food that helps there teeth like chew sticks but if you would like to brush your hamster teeth do not use tooth paste and use a soft non vibrating Brussel tooth brush at your own risk

Can dogs brush there teeth?

No dogs cant brush their own teeth. You have to do it 4 them. Ask your vet about what kind of tooth brush to use. Its quite simple, really.

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