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Does the turtle like light or dark?

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dark :D

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Do turtles like the dark?

my turtle likes the dark abd its a rainbow turtle

Does woodlice like dark or light?

They like it dark

Do grasshoppers like the dark or the light?

Grasshoppers like the light better than the dark. When it is light out, they will be active. In the dark, they will remain still and not move around.

What kind of turtle has dark green light green designs on its shell?

I do not know!! heheh

Do mealworms like light or dark?

Mealworms like dark.

Do mice like the light or the dark?


How do you now that a floating turtle is a boy or girl?

The boy has a light shell and the girl has a dark shell

What color is the leather back turtle?

Dark Green,smoky gray sometime they are Light black

How can you tell when a turtle is a girl or boy?

The girl shell is always light the boys is always dark

Is uv light at night enough time for turtle?

A turtle should have 10 to 12 hours of uv light per 24 hour period. He will need the rest of the time to be totally dark.

Do crayfish like dark or light?

i beleve dark

Do monster fish like the dark or light?

the dark

Do hatching chicks like dark or light?


Where do caterpillars like more dark places or light places?

i think dark but they also like some light

What is the usual color of a turtle's shell?

my turtle which i think is a Murray short necked turtle has a light brownish color and abit of dark brown colored shell

Do moss like the dark or the light?

they like it dark they like it damp they like it hot and cold

Do ladybugs prefer dark or light places?

they like light when there awake and dark when there sleeping.

Do worms like dark or light?

No, worms do not like light. I did an experiment.

Do flies like the dark or light more?


What are the differences between a dark green red eared slider turtle and a light green red eared slider turtle?

Absolutly nothing. Only the color change.

What is the art definition of mid-tone?

lightness like color pattern from light to dark or dark to lightmaybe pattern color from dark to light or light to darkI hope you get the full meaning

Do worms like dark or light better?

they like the dark that's why they go in the dirt

Do bats prefer light or dark?

Bats like dark better.

Dose Justin Bieber like dark purple light purple?

Dark Purple like me

What color is tortora?

It's a light pinkish beige, like the plumage of a turtle-dove ('turtle-dove' = is 'tortora' in Italian).