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it depends if they use different types of wood because different wood means different dencity ,and a more solid foundation for the ball to bounce higher


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It is when you bounce a ball up and down the court.

The official height for an NBA court is 10 feet.

The floor type does effect the bounce on a basketball due to the kinetic energy absorbed by the floor that is why it is easier to bounce a ball higher on a basketball court than it is say on tiles and carpet court.its a godd science experiment

An outdoor court is unlikely to have a ceiling.

Because it is slicker and the ball will bounce better on the court.

If you mean the height of the hoop, all levels play on 10 feet.

A gym floor, the lacktop has more denseness and textures.

Yes , it does You could even try it yourself for proof. Bounce something on grass then on pavement, you will see a difference in how the softer the lower.

The rim for a basketball court is positioned exactly 10 feet off the ground.

nope Why not. When you walk with the ball with out dribbling it is considered traveling. The rules of basketball require a player who has the ball to bounce it against the floor all the while they are moving. Bouncing is dribbling.

regulation height of any basketball court men and women is ten feet.

High school, college and the NBA, all use 10 ft high basketball hoops.

never tried, however, VCT makes a good in-expensive court floor!

The official height of an NBA basketball ring, is 10 feet from the court to the rim. It's also 10 feet for official high school and college courts! =)

The rim is elevated 10 feet off of the court floor

Ten feet if your talking about the height. The diameter of the rim is eighteen inches.

This is a basketball court

The correct name for it is A basketball court.

The court itself is measured by length and width, not height. 94' x 50' is about average. The rim is 10' above the court.

Length of basketball court28.65mNote: Many high school and college courts are 25.6m width of basketball court15.24m size of basketball backboardWidth: 1.82mHeight: 1.06m size of basketball rimThe diameter of the rim is 45.72cmThe top of the rim should be exactly 10 feet (3.04m) off the ground

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