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They are so different it's like the difference between night and day. Most manual transmissions have a single dry friction clutch disk. Whereas an automatic uses several wet friction clutch packs- each used together/in combination under hydraulic pressure to obtain the different ratios of the transmission. Go to the Library and read books about them. Though automatic transmissions are more fascinating than manuals because of their complexity, the stick is more fun to drive.

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Q: Does the type of clutch differ in manual and automatic transmissions?
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Is clutch pedals only found in cars with manual and automatic transmissions?

Clutch pedals are only found in cars with manual transmissions.

Does a manual transmission have a torque converter?

No, a manual transmission uses a clutch. Torque converters are used on automatic transmissions.

What type of transmissions are there?

manual and automatic transmissions.

Did 1992 rangers have automatic transmissions?

Yes , automatic or manual transmissions

Is a 2001 mustang automatic or manual?

It could have either the automatic or manual transmissions

Are BMWs available with both automatic and manual transmissions?

BMWs are only available with manual transmissions at purchase. However, automatic transmissions may replace manual. There are only a few automatic transmissions which may be used in a BMW, so it is an expensive process.

Are motorcycles automatic transmissions or standard?

There are a few automatics out there which use a centrifugal type clutch which is always in gear depending on engine rpm's. For the most part motorcycles are manual transmissions.

What does The clutch pedal is found in cars with?

manual transmissions

Are cars with manual transmissions faster than cars with automatic transmissions?

No, automatic transmissions may shift faster than a manual transmission because it takes a lot of skill to race and change gears using a manual with a clutch, however, the manual transmission allows you to decide exactly when to shift for more speed at the times you need it and for better engine performance when done by a skilled, practiced, professional racer.

Is a 1989 ford bronco automatic?

They were available either with manual or automatic transmissions.

Do cars with manual transmissions cost less than cars with automatic transmissions?


Is an Acura TL manual?

If you're trying to ask if they have manual transmissions, the answer is no, they only had automatic transmissions with a "slapstick"style manual shift mode.

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