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NICS (National Instant Criminal Background Check System) checking agencies most often block the transfer of a Firearm or a permit to a person whose records indicate a felony indictment or conviction, a fugitive warrant, unlawful drug use or addiction, a mental defective adjudication or an involuntary commitment to a mental institution, illegal or non-immigrant alien status, a domestic violence restraining order, or a misdemeanor domestic violence conviction. These and other prohibitors are stated in the Gun Control Act (GCA), 18 U.S.C. 922. A NICS denial may also be based on a State law prohibition. Federal law prohibits a person convicted of a felony from possessing a firearm. Federal law prohibits a felon from purchasing a firearm. Kansas law prohibits an individual that is convicted of a personal felony from possessing a firearm. Kansas law prohibits an individual that is convicted of a non-personal felony from possessing a firearm for ten years after the conviction. answer-------------------- 18 usc (a)20(a) states that you can own a firearm with a felony. Felons convicted only of felony "offenses pertaining to antitrust violations, unfair trade practices, restraints of trade or other similar offenses relating to the regulation of business practices" may lawfully possess a handgun under both state and federal law even without restoration of their rights. They may obtain a handgun carry permit, if otherwise qualified.18 U.S.C. 921(a)(20)(A). SO YES IT MATTERS WHAT YOUR FELONY IS!!!!!!

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In Kansas can a non violent felon own a firearm?

No, not without making application to the Kansas Court System. Even then... if the felon was FEDERALLY convicted they will be forever be prohibited from possessing a firearm.

Can i own a hand gun if I'm convicted of a felony in Kansas?

It is illegal for a convicted felon to possess a firearm, for any reason, in any state.

Can you own a gun in kansas if you were convicted of a felony in New Mexico?

The state does not matter. FEDERAL law applies to all states, and under Federal law, a convicted felon may not possess a firearm.

When can a felon buy a firearm in kansas?

Nowhere in the US.

In kansas is it legal for a convicted felon to hunt with a bow?

No it is not.

Can a person convicted of domestic violence in Kansas buy a gun?


Can you own a gun if convicted of domestic violence misdemeanor in Kansas?

No- and not just Kansas, but nowhere in the US. FEDERAL law.

Can a convicted felon vote in Kansas?

yes felons can vote in kansas after their parole is can also run for office as well.

Can a convicted felon hunt with a bow in the state of Kansas?

not any place in the U.S.

Can a kansas resident buy a firearm in Texas?

Long guns, yes. Handguns and NFA items, no.

What does Kansas consider assault rifle?

Kansas does not appear to have a state definition of "assault rifle", other than fully automatic firearms (machine guns). Link below is to a summary of Kansas state firearm laws.

What is the population density of Kansas?

32.9 persons per square mile (2000 census).

Where can felon get an apartment in Kansas?

Likely as not from a private landlord. Apartment complexes are nefariously discriminatory against the formerly convicted.

Can a convicted felon obtain a kansas hunting license?

Even if you are lawfully able to be issued one - use caution - convicted felons may not hunt with any firearms INCLUDING black powder weapons.

How long does a felony charge stay on record in kansas?

A felony charge should not be a concern. If you were convicted it will always be on your record. It is a deterrent to committing crimes.

Can I have a pistol in my glove box locked and not disclose it to law enforcement in the US or(kansas)?

No. Whether the glove compartment is locked or not, that is a concealed weapon within reach, and it requires you to possess a concealed carry permit either from that state or from a state with which reciprocity exists, and you have an obligation to disclose, always. Even if you're in a state in which a secured (secured meaning, locking system such as a trigger lock or cable lock on an unloaded firearm itself) firearm isn't considered a concealed firearm, the obligation to disclose still exists.

What is the legal age to purchase a gun in Kansas?

In theory you could buy a gun in Kansas on the day you are born.Federal law sets the minimum ages as 18 for long guns and 21 for handguns from Federally licensed dealers.For private sales or transactions however the law is different.Handguns are restricted to 18 years of age in private sales or transactions.There is no federal law in regards to minimum age for the private sale or transaction of a firearm not defined as a handgun.Kansas law only restricts the private sale or transaction of a firearm with a barrel of less than 12 inches and sets the minimum age for such transactions at 18.Basically there is no age restriction on buying a firearm in Kansas as long as it has a barrel of 12 inches or greater.

How long does check fraud stay on your public record in Kansas?

If you were arrested, charged, and convicted of that offense it will ALWAYS remain on your criminal record. That is why it is called a criminal HISTORY.

What companies in kansas city Missouri hire convicted felons?

ups. walmart and most companies will hire felons as long as its 7 years or longer old

Kansas serial murders?

Kansas has it's well known convicted serial killer named Dennis Lynn Rader known as the BTK killer. Richard Grissom also from kansas was a serial killer aprehended for the killing of 3 women. Another serial killer was aprehended in Kansas even dough he was from Illioins, was John Edward Robinson. In the related links box below, I posted the THE BLOODY BENDERS article. It has the Mass Murderers from the History of Kansas.

Can a convicted felon move in with a family receiving section 8 housing assistance in Kansas?

The basic rule is that no nonfamily member can move in to a household under the voucher program.

How many people traveled on the Santa Fe trail?

Gregg reported in Commerce of the Prairies that 350 persons traveled it in 1843. Lt. Col. William Gilpin's register shows 12,000 persons between 1849–1859. The register at Council Grove, Kansas, in 1860 showed 3,514 persons.

Will a completed domesctic battery diversion stop you from buying a gun in kansas?

Under Federal law, which applies in ALL states, a conviction of a crime of domestic violence will bar you from possessing a firearm.

What is Christian Okoye best known for?

Christian Okoye is best known for his ability to break tackles as well as his running ability. He played in American football club called the Kansas City Chiefs from 1987-1992.

Is it possible to have a first time drug felony charge removed from your record in kansas?

You can try. To request the expungement of an offense from your STATE (not Federal) criminal record: You must have either been exonerated, acquited, or served the complete term of your sentence - then file a petition/motion with the court setting forth valid reason(s) why your request should be granted. A judge will review your petition and the circumstances of your case and issue a ruling either granting or denying the request. AN EXPUNGEMENT IS NOT A PARDON! Expungement only removes the record of your offense from being available to the public. Law enforcement, the courts, and government agencies will always have access to your actual 'true' record. FELONS CONVICTED IN STATE COURT OF STATE CRIMES: If your expungement is granted you will still remain subject to whatever restrictions state and federal laws place on you (e.g.- voting rights - elective office - firearms/ammunition possession - etc). UNLESS - you are a resident of a state which completely or partially restores your "privileges" (you will have to do your own search to learn if this applies to your state). FEDERALLY CONVICTED FELONS: CAUTION: Regardless of what rights your state may restore, if you were convicted in FEDERAL Court of a FEDERAL FELONY - it is a felony offense for a federally convicted felon to EVER own or possess a firearm. The U.S. Criminal Code, makes the penalty for illegal possession of a firearm a mandatory minimum of fifteen (15) years in prison, in some cases (Title 18 U.S.C. sec 924(e)(1). At this time FEDERALLY convicted felons have no solution to their firearm disqualification. By denying funding for the purpose, Congress has effectively eliminated the review of federally convicted felons' petitions for restoration of their firearms privileges.