Does the universe end?


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Scientist George Cresswell

No the universe does not end its just hard for humans under stand because where a small planet in a big universe.

Thanks alot.

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What I always thought of was the word nothing, nothing is something by being itsself which is nothing...but that's something still so im guessing space doesn't end and just keeps going even if "nothing" is there. Hopefully that made at least some sense. Also if it goes on forever then that kind of makes everywhere the center of the universe too right?


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"A end of the universe" are not existing! The universe is endless.

No. McDonalds could very well be the end of the universe, but it is definitely not AT the end of the universe.

The universe will never end.

There is no end of the universe. The universe goes on for ever and ever.

The end of the universe means nothing will survive even the universe itself.

The universe will end in 5 billion years time.

There is no known end to the Universe. It is always expanding, too.

The End of the Universe was created on 2001-08-24.

There is no theory suggesting the end of the universe.

The Restaurant at the End of the Universe has 208 pages.

there is no end of the universe as scientists speculate if you was to leave our universe travelling faster thenlight you would end up in another universe known as a multiverse assuming you live long enough for such a journey

The ISBN of The Restaurant at the End of the Universe is 0-345-39181-0.

There is the theoretical end of space which is back the the beginning of the Universe. Not enough is known about the universe to suggest it has sides, edges or a beginning or end.

the end of the universe began when a dinosaur ate a black blueberry and he pooped it out and rubbed it in his face.

The universe doesn't have an end, so obviously you can't travel there. If the universe did have an "end" (it's difficult to imagine what this would be like), you still couldn't get there, because the expansion of the universe means it would be receding from us at more than the speed of light.

no way. because universe is so huge it has no end at all

In terms of an end in time, current theory is that yes, this universe will collapse back to a single point - a reverse of the big bang. In terms of an end in space, then no, the universe is thought to be endless, curving back on itself as it were.

No, the universe is allways expanding, even as you read this!

Stargate Universe ended on 2011-05-09.

If the milky way galaxy is 100,000 light years across and if the universe is 13 billion years old, you would have 130,000 milky way galaxies, end on end to the edge of the universe.

There is no reason to expect that it will ever end. It is a fundamental force of the universe, so as long as the universe exists, gravity will exist.

EVERYTHING comes to an end; but we don't know what kind of end it will be, or when.

No, the universe is ever expanding and has no limit to which it can end.

If there is no "end" for the universe, how could you say how or when it will end ?

yes, everything will end at some time

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