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I have been told recently that the problem I am having with my lude's speedometer not working and the s3 tranny indicator light flashing is due to a non functioning speed sensor. I have put 177,000 miles on this car. It had 111,000 miles when I purchased it from the dealer (cleeaan machine). This is the first time I have had this problem. The last owner left all of the service records in the vehicle and there was no mention of replacing the speed sensor. I have been checking forums for the past two months and got little information about testing or, a proper diagnoses of the problem. Honda dealership here wants $85 to diagnose. .

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โˆ™ 2015-07-15 20:47:17
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Q: Does the vehicle speed sensor go out in the 1989 Honda Prelude automatic tranny often and how can you test the component?
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Where is o2 sensor prelude?

The O2 sensor on a Honda Prelude is found on the exhaust pipes of the vehicle. They are located near the catalytic converter which is place on the underside of the chassis.

Will a speed sensor keep an automatic transmission from working?

Depending on the vehicle, a faulty VSS (Vehicle Speed Sensor) could affect the automatic transmission shift points.

Does a 1988 Honda Prelude have a vehicle speed sensor?

Yes, the 1988 and 1989 Honda Prelude has a VSS that is a cable sending unit that connects to the gauge cluster in the dash.

1999 Honda prelude where is the vss speed sensor located?

vss= vehicle speed sensor. try the wheel.. id say there is nothing wrong with the sensor itself.. try the wiring

Where is the oxygen sensor on a 1998 Suburban? has a component locator that you can use. Fill in the information about your vehicle, go to the component locator and click on Oxygen Sensor. I have a 1997 Suburban and it identified the location of each of 4 sensors.

Honda Prelude speed sensor?

It depends on which version of Prelude (there were five generations) you are referring to.

Speedometer of a 1991 prelude is it a cable or pulsing Does it use speed sensor and where are they?

I have a 1990 prelude that is in the dealership as I write this to have the speed sensor replaced. I have just been told that it is on the transmition. It is a sensor.

Where are the input and output vehicle speed sensors on a 1989 dodge spirit with the 2.5 liter automatic?

No input sensor. The vehicle speed sensor is located in the top of the housing that the right axle shaft goes into.

What does a speed sensor control?

A Vehicle Speed Sensor (VSS) senses the speed of the vehicle. Used for automatic transmission shift points and other electronics. Another speed sensor would be a wheel speed sensor. This one monitors wheel speed for ABS and Traction control.

On 1989 Honda prelude si automatic is speedometer cable or sensor?

89 Speedo cableI just paid for a lower speedometer cable. The sensor began in '90. The part price was 35.78 plus shipping. It also has a sensor that sits on top of the transmission case. I'm ordering one from today!To better answer the question, an 89 prelude has both. The speedometer cable attaches to the speed sensor.

How do you unhook a torque converter sensor on 98 sl2?

The torque converter is an integral part of the automatic transmission, and the automatic transmission is under the control of the vehicle computer. Disconnecting the torque converter sensor or in fact, any other internal transmission sensor, will result in significant performance issues, and will show up as an error in the vehicle fault codes.

What is a speed sensor?

A speed sensor is an electronic component-a way of the ECU knowing speed of vehicle to assist in various calculations, this unit is usually situated on the output of the differential.

Where is the cylinder position sensor on a Honda Prelude?

The cylinder position sensor is located in the distributor.

Where is the automatic transmission shift sensor on a 1996 Saturn SL1?

The Neutral safety switch is located on the back of the automatic transmission. it is quite simple to replace. It is probably easier to replace from under the vehicle, but it is accessable from the top if your vehicle is not equipped with ABS.

How can you check the Engine Coolant Temperature sensor on my 91 Honda Prelude SI 2.1L?

How can I check the ENGINE COOLANT TEMPERATURE (ECT) sensor on my 1991 HONDA PRELUDE SI 2.1L

Where is the automatic headlight sensor on a volkswagen golf?

The automatic headlamp sensor on a Volkswagen Golf is integrated into a windshield-mounted sensor near the rear-view mirror. It is combined with a moisture sensor to control the automatic windshield wipers.

Where is the speedometer sensor on a 2002 Ford Escort?

Your vehicle speed sensor will be on the transaxle somewhere. Go to Auto Zone's web site and use their component locator, that will take all the guess work out of it.

Where is the iat sensor located in a 93 Honda prelude?

The IAT sensor on the 1993 Honda Prelude is located to the right of the intake manifold as you face the engine compartment. It is connected with red and green wiring.

Where is the Intake Air Temperature sensor in a prelude 1999 2.2 vtec?

It is a 2 screw sensor located on your intake manifold. Can't miss it. I just changed mine on my 01 Prelude SH

Where is the speedometer sensors on Toyota Noah automatic with a 3s engine?

The vehicle speed sensor of the Toyota Noah can be found on the front wheel hubs.

What is the code P0501 on a 2005 neon?

Vehicle speed sensor performance.Vehicle speed sensor performance.

What does the transmission sensor on a 1996 cavalier do?

depends on the transmission type. Automatics have the following. Vehicle speed sensor - Tells Computer how fast vehicle is traveling Gear Switch Circuits - Tells computer which gear vehicle is in for engine/trans management such as TCC. Manual Trans: - Vehicle speed sensor - Same as automatic High Gear Switch - Disables Upshift light above certain RPM/Throttle positions.

Where can you get a throttle postioning sensor for an 89 prelude si?


Where is the knock sensor on your 1992 prelude?

Just below the intake manifold.

Temperature sensor located on 1992 Honda Prelude?

under the distributor!