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The wedding ring goes behind the engagement ring, closest to the heart.

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Q: Does the wedding band go in front of the engagement ring or behind it?
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Related questions

Why is the wedding band place in front of the engagement ring?

the wedding band locks in the promise signified by the engagement ring

Do you wear your wedding band in front of engagement ring or behind it?

ideally, you wear the wedding band first and then stack the engagement ring on it, so from the wrist, band first and then ring. the justification is that the band symbolizes marriage and the engagement ring symbolizes the love, so LOVE LOCKS THE MARRIAGE :) I hope that answers your question!

Should you wear your engagement ring during your wedding ceremony?

typically a woman does not wear the engagement ring during the ceremony. she is given a wedding band by her husband, and after the wedding the engagement ring in placed in front of the band.

What do you do with engagement ring after you get married?

You wear it on your ring finger behind your wedding band.

What does it mean when you wear your wedding band in front of your engagement ring?

Your spouse has passed away.

What is the order in wearing an engagement ring and wedding band?

The engagement right is worn outside the wedding band.

Which ring is worn on the inside of your ring finger the engagement ring or wedding band and why?

The wedding band is worn on the inside. Reason behind is that it is closest to the heart.

What do you do with an engagement ring after the wedding?

You wear it over your wedding band as though it were guarding the wedding band.

Should you show her the wedding band you bought with the engagement ring?

Sometimes the engagement ring and wedding band come together, but whether or not it does or doesn't you can certainly show her the wedding band.

Should you wear your wedding band first then engagement ring?

First, you put on the wedding band. Then, the engagement ring goes on as a protector.

Does the man wear his wedding band during engagement?

No, he doesn't wear his wedding band until after the wedding.

Do you have to buy engagement ring and wedding band together?

no. you buy the engagement ring, then you go to bands-r-us and buy the wedding band.

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