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It depends on how the paper how it is made . But in general yes it does


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It affects the mass depending on the shape or the size of the paper airplane.

Yes the shape of an airplane wing will affect the flight. Angles and shapes will always be a huge factor.

The shape of a paper airplane impacts its performance characteristics, including its glide range.

Yes, the shape affects whether or not it will loop, go straight. or........ dive to the groundyes, it helps the air streem and and makes it fly better.

A paper airplane is affected by its shape in just about every way. Drag, efficiency and performance are all affected by the aircraft's shape.

The more aerodynamic it is, the more air underneath the wings, the longer it will stay aloft. The longer it is airborne, the better chances it will fly further.

It can affect the lift that carries the plane through the air.

A paper airplane is a device (toy) constructed entirely of paper and adhesives (glue, tape) that uses an aerodynamic shape and balances the four necessary forces lift, drag, gravity, and thrust to achieve distance (flies). Paper airplanes are a favorite hobby of many people, especially children. Many different webites provide instructions for designing or building paper airplanes. In general, a simple paper airplane should be:BalancedHeavier in the frontHaving wingsAerodynamic and streamlinedPaper airplanes can be found all over the world, and are fun as well as easy and rewarding to make.

The material of a paper airplane matters. If it is too flimsy, the plane will not be able to keep its shape and will become just another piece of paper thrown in the air. If it is too heavy for its size, it will just fall down and not fly.

Totally, if the wings on an airplane are made incorrectly than the airplane will fall and go Boom. If the wings are made correctly or in a different shape than the techniques of flying will change the way airplanes fly. Try testing different shapes of wings with a paper airplane. See what kinds of wings make the plane go Splat or go Woosh through the air. Also, look at birds. They are the main models of different types of wings for airplane designers. :0)

you cut the wood into a shape that looks like a streched out rain drop and then you cut it

You simply fold the piece of paper into the most aerodynamic shape you can. Because there are literally 1000's of ways that you could make a paper plane this is very broad question.

The shape of an airplane

Absolutely. Wing design not only changes the ability of a paper airplane to glide and maintain lift but also how it flies, whether it is best thrown with force or delicately for maximum glide effect. Some wings also, especially if modified with crimps or wing-end struts and the like, cause the plane to do rolls and loops and will shorten it's ability to fly far and instead invest its force in vertical climbs.

Paper airplanes can serve as testbeds for all sorts of experiments, such as those into glide ratio, wing shape efficency, and wing loading to name a few.

The shape of the wing affects every flying characteristic of the aircraft. A long, thin wing will help it fly further.

1) Size of rubber bands 2)Take off height 3)Shape of plane 4)Airplane weight

The best wing shape for sn airplane is like a triangle because it fly straight

Not so much the shape of the nose that affects the flight of a paper plane, but the weight. If the weight of the plane isn't distributed properly the angle of attack is too small or to large making the plane nose dive or stall. Make sure there is weight in the center of gravity of your model.

The airplane is flown by the shape it is in and how much weight, drag and thrust there is. The wind travels over and under the plane to main tain flight.

Get popscile sticks from your craftstore and create a shape of a airplane out of a small box by cutting it to the shape. Glue the sticks on.

It has it's shape to reduce drag and alow it to fly

yes because if some thing flat like flat paper was dropped it would glide before it hit the ground but if it was a folded paper airplane it would go straight down

If you are in a airplane rainbows are actually a circle shape,but from our view it is semi-circle.

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