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No. Split is an irregular verb. The past simple and past participle of split is split.


(1) My friend split up with her boyfriend last week.

(2) Scientists were very pleased when they first split the atom.

(3) The estate was split between the three surviving children.

If 'splitted' has been used, it is based an an incorrect usage of the word, and assumes that 'split' is a regular verb like jump, lift, bang. 'Split' is irregular, like cut, hit, and throw.

* For more details and list of verbs with similar conjugation, see Related links below this box

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Does formal English describe the term slang?

No, slang is very informal language.

Is Aussie slang the official language of Australia?

No. Australia has no official language and no declared national language. English is the default language throughout the country.According to the official CIA World factbook, English is spoken by 78.5% of Australia's population. Whilst not all Australians use slang, there is a lot of Australian slang incorporated into Australian English.

What is another form of the English language?

Olde English, Middle English, Modern English and slang English and lingo of English.

What is the popular language spoken in Australia?

Australian English - which is British English with an Australian slang.

What is the slang name for muscles?

American slang for your bicepts are pipes, pythons, and guns. The beauty of the English language is that there is new slang every day!

What is meaning of want to and which language is this?

It's English, and it's slang for "want to".

What is the definition of zacco?

'Zacco' is not a word in English language. - Gibberish or slang.

Is the word gibberish considered slang?

No, it is not slang. Some people have a disorder or they are just learning the English language. It is not their fault.

Why does slang exist?

Slang is a shortcut - a way to communicate without using formal language. Slang is also a way of excluding people not in your group, because they won't know your slang unless they're part of it.

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World remains world. Scottish is not an actual language, Scots is the recognised language. Scots is a variation of the English language involving Scottish slang. World does not have a slang term.

Difference between standard and non standard English?

Standard English is the English language that is taught in schools. Nonstandard English is language that is taught in the streets. Slang words are a type of nonstandard English.

Is brung a form of bring?

"Brung" is not a word in the English language. It is slang for "brought".

What is the definition of chumma?

Chumma is not a word in English, possibly slang or a foreign language.

How old is Australia's language and slang?

European settlement in Australia began with the arrival of the First Fleet in 1788. The introduced language was English, and from that point, the Australian form of the English language began to evolve, and of course, the various Australian slang terms came emerged, often based on, or evolving from the parent English.

What are the slang country in south east Asian?

Singlish (Singaporean English) or Manglish/Rojak language (Malaysian English)

What sku011 cab mean in the traditional English language?

This is not a word in the English language. This appears to be gibberish or perhaps a slang term. It could also be ebonics which is a language African-Americans speak.

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The word zilch is American English slang for nothing.

Why do people use slang in today's English?

My own personal opinion is that far from being a static language, the English language is structured in a way that it can ever evolve, as each new generation is born new slang expressions are formed not as a way to purposely change the existing language, but as a way to forge their own identity in society, long may we celebrate slang!

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According to the American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, "to hump" is vulgar slang for "to engage in sexual intercourse with."

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What language is slang?

Slang can be used in any language. Slang is an informal use of language or words mostly used by a subgroup of society.

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What does slang language means?

Slang is language constructs that are indigenous to a particular geographic area, or a certain group of people. All languages have slang, but American English is probably richest in slang. Differences in American and British slang sometimes cause embarrassing moments. In British slang, to "knock someone up" is to wake them from a nap. That slang expression has a very different meaning in the USA.