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You will have a throbbing pain, but if it gets way out of hand, then you should see your dentist.

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Q: Does throbbing in the area of implants indicate infection in the bone or what is the problem?
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Does a throbbing toe indicate a heart problem?

no it indicates that you have a sore toe :)

What would cause numbness in back of head and occasional throbbing in same area?

You may have a problem with your brain. Throbbing pain in the back of the head is a sign that the back of your brain is slightly lower down your neck then it should be. I have this condition myself. It is not a problem you should be very concerned about as the only thing this problem causes is headaches.

What are the problems with taking out breast implants?

If one of the implants is broken it can be a complicated procedure. Otherwise the main problem is in achieving a good cosmetic result.

Can you go scuba diving with Breast Implants?

As breast implants do not contain compressables (neither saline nor silicon implants contain air), there is no inherent problem presented by SCUBA diving with implants. YOu can indeed SCUBA with implants. Have fun. yes

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It is a solution.

What causes sudden vein throbbing or pulsating on left side of neck?

There may be several causes of vein throbbing or pulsating on the left side of the neck. These could include anemia, anxiety, high blood pressure or a neurological problem.

Is there a problem with biomet metal on metal hip implants?

I have had one for 6 years...Love it!

What does a narrowing pulse pressure indicate?

A problem

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What is white that comes from a girl's vagina?

Sometimes a girl can have a discharge. It can be harmless and normal, or could indicate a problem. You can ask a doctor if it is normal or not. One thing that can cause a discharge that is not good is a yeast infection.

Red lines under skin?

Red lines under the skin can indicate a serious problem. These are commonly signs of blood poisoning and they show the progression of infection from the source into other parts of your body.

How do breast implants feel nice or hard?

There is a significant difference the feeling of saline or silicone breast implants. Silicone breast implants have become very popular because women often report that they feel more natural to the touch.Breast implants can feel hard if capsular contracture occurs, although this problem is relatively uncommon.

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