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No. At least not yet, and I doubt she will.

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Does cloud ever kiss tifa?

I don't think he ever does but in the original design for final fantasy vii, Cloud and Tifa were going to be the couple and he was going to kiss her but unfortunatly, Tifa was going to die along with that story line instead of a cerain other character who dies in her place.... xx

How did cloud die Final Fantasy?

Cloud doesn't die in Final Fantasy.

In Dead Fantasy 5 Does Tifa Lockheart die?

Monty has stated in his journal on DeviantArt that she is NOT dead so rejoice!

Does cloud die in Final Fantasy?

Cloud is alive at the end of Final Fantasy VII

Does yuna died in Final Fantasy XI?

Yuna isn't in Final Fantasy XI, Your probably thinking Final Fantasy X-2 and no, she does not die.

Does lightning die in Final Fantasy?

In Dissidia Duodecim she does or she "fades into the light" in Final Fantasy XIII she doesn't .

Does vivi die in Final Fantasy ix?

Vivi does not die in Final Fantasy IX. In the post-game FMV, Vivi is shown to be alive and well.

Does yuna from Final Fantasy die?

Yuna is from Final Fantasy X and she never dies. She even returns in Final Fantasy X-2 where, if you play the game right, she gets reunited with her big love Tidus.

Which Final Fantasy game has the most characters?

Final fantasy iv and final fantasy vi FF4 has 16 i think but alot of them die and you cant use them later on FF6 has 12 and you can use all later

Does leon die in final fantasy 8?

No, Squall Leonhart does not die in Final Fantasy 8. Do you own the game? Why don't you just play it for yourself, and find out all of the cool stuff.

Did Reno die in Final Fantasy?

No, Reno does not die. Chronologically, the last piece of media for the Final Fantasy 7 timeline is the movie Advent Children, in which he is shown alive and well in his last appearance.

Why did Zack have to die?

There are a lot of characters in the Final Fantasy universe that dies for the sake of the gameplay and/or story.

Is squall Leonheart dead?

No, he does not die, meaning that he is not dead. He's even a character in Kingdom Hearts. Very rarely (except for Aerith) are the Final Fantasy characters that show up in Kingdom Hearts dead in the Final Fantasy games. I think that Aerith is the only one who is dead in Final Fantasy, but is alive in Kingdom Hearts.

Who is cloud stife?

Cloud is the main character from FINAL FANTASY VII. Some regard him as the best Final Fantasy character ever. Some true "Die-Hard" fans of the older series don't think of him as the best while others do. He is an Ex-SOLDIER and really if you want more in-depth things check out the Final Fantasy wikia or buy and play the game on ps1 or PC yourself and find out.Also, the name is Cloud Strife, with an r between t and i.

Dose aerith die in crisis core?

No, she dies in the original game, Final Fantasy VII for the PS.

Do any characters die in Final Fantasy IV?

Yes, Tellah is the only real "main" character that does though.

How did Zack of Final Fantasy die?

He was shot to death by shinra troops at a cliff a little ways away from midgar.

On Final Fantasy VII Dirge of Cerberus does Vincent Valentine die?

Nope he doesn't die, watch the entire ending. He's alive and well.

How did Raine from Final Fantasy 8 die?

I don't think that was mentioned, but it is accepted that she died in childbirth after giving birth to Squall.

Who is the main character of Final Fantasy 12?

Obviously it is Vaan. dont forget its allso the first person you play as even if he does die.

Did Squall really die in Final Fantasy VIII?

No, because you see him at the end with Rinoa during/after the credits. I would assume he was not suddenly dead after that.

Does tidus in Final Fantasy X die?

He vannishs. tidus is a faith and to destroy sin all the faiths must disappear so yes he does die then comes back in x-2

Final Fantasy tactics?

Different from the conventional Final fantasy games. It uses a battle system not unlike that of Tactics Ogre and it's more strategy based than the other Final Fantasies. It's storyline is also distinctly different in terms of themes and general direction, though, as expected, there are recurring motifs. It's very militaristic overall which aptly suits the tactics battle system. Not for everyone, even a die-hard Final Fantasy fans may not enjoy it, though personally, it is my favorite in the series because of it's more realistic, mature and in-depth storyline (a complete contrast to Final Fantasy Tactics: Advance, a different game entirely)

Did Batman ever die?

Darkseid killed him in "Final Crises"- but it was really a clone and not the actual Batman.

Does Sarah die in final fantasy 13?

No,during the ending cutscene of FFXIII Serah awakes from her crystal stasis and returns to Snow as does Dajh who is reunited with his father.

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