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In a sense it does. It has more to do with acceleration, I think. If you were near a very large black hole, for example, you would have to be orbiting rapidly to avoid going below the event horizon. While accelerating and orbiting, time would pass differently for you than for a distant observer. I could be mistaken about this, but just being on planets with large differences in gravity doesn't by itself influence time.

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What does gravity depend on?

Gravity is dependent upon mass.

What does an object's wight depend upon?


Upon what quantities does the acceleration of gravity on the surfaces of various planets depend?

The acceleration of gravity depends on the mass of the planet and your altitude. The farther away from the planet you are, the lower the force of gravity.

Is radius of gyration depend on mass?

i thing radius of gyration does not depend upon mass because it is the distance between reference axis and the centre of gravity.

What does the motion of an object depend on?

The motion of an object depends upon its mass, the strength of the force of gravity pulling it, and the strength of friction acting upon that object.

What can time depend on?

it depends upon the space itself.....(in short)

How long does it take to travel from mercury to mars?

It would depend upon how fast you were going and how far apart the planets were at the time.It would depend upon how fast you go and how far apart they are at the time.

Is gravity is there in other planets?

Gravity exists throughout the universe, so the answer is yes. The strength of the gravitational field of any given body will depend upon the size, and density of the body

How does gravity affect mas and weight?

gravity can make an object weigh more or less depending on the gravity level. eg on earth you might weight 10 pounds and on mars you might weight 15 pounds but mas does not depend upon gravity.

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half life of a chemical reaction is the time which is required and it does not depend upon concentration of reactantuired to convert hlaf of reactant into product and it depend upon the nature of reaction and condition of r

How man hours does a politician work?

It depend upon how much time they need.

Does mass depend on gravity?


Does gravity depend on density?

Gravity does not depend on density. Gravity is the gravitational pull that is invisible and cannot be touched or changed. Density is how much matter is packed within an object, which can be changed. Gravity and density are two totally different things, and are in no way related, therefore gravity does not depend on density.

What property of matter does gravity act upon?

Mass is the property of matter on which gravity act upon.

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yes the speed of sound depend upon medium

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Does weight depend on gravity?


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What does power depend on physics?

As power = work done/time, power depends upon magnitude of w.d. and time required.

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What do motion depend on?

There are three things that motion depends upon. The first is the mass of the object that is to be set into motion. The second is the strength of the friction that is going up against the object. The third is the strength of the gravity that is pulling upon the object.

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