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Not all tooth pain is treated with a root canal surgery, it depends on what is wrong with the tooth and how bad it is.

Here are some causes of toothache and a possible treatment:

1) sensitive teeth. Not much can be done about this except for using special toothpaste.

2) Tooth decay. Treated by doing a filling.

3) Abscess. Often after the abscess has been treated with antibiotics it is necessary to root fill the tooth.

4. Sinuses. Sometimes a sinus problem or infection can cause referred pain in certain teeth. Treatment focuses on the sinuses then, not the teeth.

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Q: Does tooth pain require a root canal?
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Is there pain when you have the final filing done on a root canal tooth?

there shouldn't be pain

Is it secure to root canal the tooth of a 4 years baby?

no it will pain the baby

What if you hada root canal butt you still have a lot of pain?

what could have happened is that the root canal was not done properly, or the tooth was so damaged that the root canal did not work. In this event, the tooth may have to be pulled (its what happened to me about a week ago)

Do dentists remove the root of a tooth when a root canal is performed?

Yes, They do remove it. The reason for getting a tooth treated with the root canal treatment is because of the cavity of the teeth which has reached its root level and has started causing pain. Hence it is removed and treatment is completed by covering the infected tooth with the crown.

Can you get dry socket from a root canal?

No. By definition, a 'dry socket' is a painful condition that occurs following a tooth extraction, not a root canal. That is not to say that you cannot have pain following a root canal. You can, particularly if the tooth was acutely infected at the time of the root canal, or if the root canal is incomplete. You should consult with the dentist who performed the procedure and follow his/her recommendations.

Why does it hurt when i oprn my mouth yo eat 5 days after root canal - no pain right after root canal - the pain is on the same side i had the root canal but it doesnt hurt near the tooth?

Many times when the canal was deep and infected the dentist will use special files to widen the canal. This is essentially removing tissue from the tooth. this can cause the gums to be sore. Now if the root was not all removed you would feel pain in the exact tooth. thanks for reading.. Http:// is my Dental website.

What is the difference between a filling and a root canal?

when you get a filling, they drill some of the tooth which has a cavity and fill it. When you get a root canal, they drill all the way down and take out the nerve of the tooth. Getting a root canal is more painful then a filling.

How long is the pain after a root canal?

Several days. And that tooth may be cold sensitive indefinitely .

Does a root canal increase the chances of losing a tooth?

No . . . the root canal procedure is intended to save the tooth.

How can you get the root canal to stop hurt you?

If there is pain in your root canal something must be wrong. Usually a completed root canal treatment should be pain-free. Go back to your Dentist. Or Find a new one. There may be an abscess forming around the tooth in the gums. Or they may not have properly removed the tissue inside the tooth.

Will teeth which have undergone root canal treatment still have chance to feel pain after months?

If a root canal has been done properly, the tooth itself will never feel pain again. The root canal process removes all nerve tissue from the inside of the tooth. However, there will still be nerves surrounding the tooth located in the periodontal ligament that attaches the tooth to the bone. These nerves feel pressure, and help you 'feel' your teeth when you bite down. After a root canal is done, you can still 'feel' pressure-type pain from these outside nerves if you bite on something too hard or break your tooth.

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