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No it doesn't. Cutting your hair doesn't make it grow faster

2013-11-07 03:07:23
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Q: Does trimming your eyelashes help them grow long?
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How do you grow the long eye lashes?

Baseline, ChapStick, and supplements all help to grow longer eyelashes.

How do you grow long eyelashes?


How long do eyelashes take to grow?

Eyelashes take between 7 and 8 weeks to grow after they fall off.

Do dog's eyelashes grow?

Yes dog eyelashes grow. I sometimes have the groomer trim back my dog's eyelashes, even though I love the long eyelashes, they do sometimes interfere with the dog's vision. They grow back quickly!

How do you grow long nails?

# stop trimming them # be careful with them

How long does it take for your eyelashes to grow back?

About 13 and a half weeks (: or atleast that's what I was told .About 6 monthsI was told it could be from a week to 6 months for all your eyelashes to grow back to normal.Eyelashes take about seven to eight weeks to grow back. Castor oil or olive oil can usually help to grow back if the eyelashes are pulled out so don't worry if they fall out, they will grow back!!!

Do your eyelashes grow?

Yes, of course eyelashes grow long because eyelashes are hair like your other hair in your body, but the area the eyelashes are formed that area need to healthy and it need to have good protein developed in there.

How long does it take for eyelashes to never grow back?

They always grow back,silly!!:)

How long does it take eyelashes to grow back?

Usually it takes about a few months to grow back.

How long after eyelashes plucked will they grow back?

you can't tell and it takes a while; but they DO grow back.

After how long does it take for eyelashes to grow?

No no they dont. Unless your a child they will grow with you. About 12 hours. A night or a Day.

How long can you grow your eyelashes?

It depends on your genetics and how well you take care of your eyes.

Why do giraffes have long eyelashes?

Giraffes have long eyelashes to help keep flying debris such as sand as well as sunlight out of their eyes.To keep dust out of their eyes

How do you get a long and fuller eyelashes?

To stop putting mascara on them and, leave them alone and let them grow.

How do camels eyelashes help them?

They are long and thick to keep the sand out of their eyes.

Does putting vaseline on your eyelashes really make them grow?

No. Yes it doesYes it does

What makes your eyelashes grow longer naturally?

It all depends on your genes as to how long your eyelashes grow. Since eyelashes are hair, treat them that way. Don't use mascara all the time as it can cause damage. Try using small amount of moisturiser mixed with a small amount of water and applying it to your eyelashes after you have a shower. It will keep them strong and healthy which is the best thing you can do for them.

How does long eyelashes help a camel?

They help protect the camels eyes from the constantly blowing wind and sandstroms.

What is hair trimming?

Hair trimming is trimming your hair but only by 1 or 2 centimetres long.

How do long eyelashes help giraffes?

GIRAFFES have long eyelashes because it helps them to keep little fragments of wood falling into their eyes as they grab the leaves of the tree or bush. also, female giraffes flirt by fluttering their eyelashes at the male giraffe they like.

I cut some of my eyelashes off by accident while trying to fix them and now all i have left are stubs of eyelashes so how long does it take for eyelashes to grow the whole way back?

I did that once!! It takes about a month. the first week or so your lashes grow loads but to get them back to normal it takes about a month :)

How long are camels eyelashes?

there eyelashes are a meter long

How do you get your eyelashes to grow faster and longer?

You can not get your eyelashes to grow faster and longer, if you want them longer then you go and buy fake ones, you can't tell the difference! (unless they're colourful) hahaIf you want them to stay long just make sure you do not damage them by putting mascara on as this breaks off all of your eyelashes off.

Will eyelashes grow back if ripped out and how long does it take?

Eyelashes do grow back, they fall out and you grow new ones all the time, like other hair. I'm not sure how long it takes though. They will grow back. Eventually, at least. It could take 1 week to 6 months depending on how bad the case is. If you constantly pluck your eyelashes it could be awhile, if you plucked but stopped you just wait, if you burned them or whatever the case is.....eventually they will grow back. You can try products, but I think letting them just grow is fine or applying some Olive Oil.

Your hair is trimed will your hair grow back?

Normally yes, but if you happen to be dead at the time of the trimming of the hair then as long as you're dead, your hair will not grow back.