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Q: Does ultraman have any super powers?
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Does anybody in the world have super powers?

Super or supenatural powers are strictly an element of fiction, and no one in the world has super powers. Nor is there any way to gain such powers in real life.

Does flash have any super powers?

Yes.He has super speed.

Does batgirl have any super powers?

Batgirl does not have any super powers. She is just a regular womandressed as a bat. Of course, she is a peak fighting athlete, butstill a regular woman.

How Do I Get Any Super Powers?

super powers don't exist. Spirital powers do though. Search crystal and indigo children online to know more about this.

How much would a super Nintendo be worth?

I bought a super nintendo along with super mario world,ultraman,and 2 controllers for $55

Is the phantom a superhero?

No, he does not have any super powers.

Do hobos have super powers?

No, since hobos are humans. There is no super powers in any type of organism. Unless if living in spiritual humanity.

Is there any real scientist or doctors or normal people that seriously have discovered human abilities or super powers?

There is no such thing as super powers.

Have any ideas for super powers?

You need to learn how to invent your own story ideas. If you can't think of any super powers, you probably don't want to write a story about them. You could try reading comic books about superheroes until you know what super powers are.

When was ultraman cosmos released?

Ultraman Cosmos was aired in July of the year 2001. It aired until 2002, and it's a Japanese show about a super hero and is pretty popular in Japan.

Who is ultraman the strongest ultraman?

The Strongest ultraman is Ultraman king And Ultraman Zero

What was Athena's special powers?

In Greek mythology, Athena didn't have any "powers", per say. She was the Goddess of Wisdom and War Strategy, but she didn't have any super powers.

If you could have any super power what would it be?

The powers of the Super - Adaptoid who is capable of replicating the powers of others : see related link below .

The goddess Hera what powers did she have?

she didnt have any super powers....but she was the greek queen of gods in the greek mythology

How do you get zoffy in ultraman fighting evolution 3?

Beat battle mode using Ultraman, Ultra Seven, Ultraman Jack, Ultraman Ace, and Ultraman Taro in order.

Who is the strongest ultraman?

ultraman zero is the strongest

If you could have any super-hero-like power what would it be?

The powers of the Super - Adaptoid who is capable of replicating the powers of others : see related link below .

Does aphrodiete have any super powers?

yes she can make any man fall in love with her with her charm

Who is the most powerful ultra man?

it is considered that ultraman king is the most powerful ultraman and ultraman noa as well...but there are very powerful ultraman( considered the strongest) like ultraman legend, ultraman saga, and ultraman mebius infinity( fused with ultraman, ultraseven, ultraman jack, ultraman ace, zoffy, and ultraman taro).and also there is an ancient ultra named ultraman tigaalthough we never saw ultraman tiga real figting skill( the figting skill we seen is demonstrated by his human host,daigo madoka) it is said by ultraman tiga former love ,kamila.. that ultraman tiga real fighting skill was at least twice as powerful as what daigo demonstrated...ultraman tiga can transform into the most powerful ultraman... named Glitter tiga , a gold colored ultraman tiga... this power was given by hope of children around the world to save the world againts ruler of darkness, gatanozoa.(story based form ultraman tiga final episode). another story that ultraman tiga transform into glitter was in movie caleed ultraman tiga final oddysey.... this time tiga transform into full colored gold that given by ancient ultra hope to destroy kamila/demonzoa.ultraman tiga considered to be the most powerful ultraman because his glitter version have unlimited power. one punch of ultraman tiga could throw a gigantic monster like gatanozoa off ground,possibility destroy a normal monster....the newest ultraman, ultraman zero, son of ultraseven is also like very powerful...

Can you really have super powers?

No you cannot have super powers as 'Super powers' do not exist. Super powers are used mostly in fantasy books and movies, as humans cannot have 'super' powers.

What are some superhero powers?

Super strength, speed, the power of flight, ice breath, laser vision, among many others. My personal favorite is the power to transform. Basically any powers that any human can't have is a super power.

Why is evil superhero?

Superheros have super powers..... super powers do not exist....... Humns have extraordinary powers called FIGHT AND FLIGHT...... SO NO SUPER POWERS,NO SUPER HERO,NO EVIL SUPER HEROES...

Do you get any other powers on super power island?

No, you only get flying power.

Where to find super powers?

At the first place, super powers like what Superman has is fictional. But a person can have a super power by your abilities. You abilities can be your super powers! You can change the world with your abilities. You can help people and be a hero by your abilities. The super powers you are searching is hidden within yourself. Just believe in yourself and in your abilities and you can have the super powers you are searching for!

How many Ultraman are there?

Actually....There are about 1397 Ultraman.