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Does uriflow work against kidney stones?

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Q: Does uriflow work against kidney stones?
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Is kidney stones at work covered by workers comp?

Worker's compensation is for injuries sustained while you are on the job. Kidney stones are not caused by your job, so no.

If your kidney doesn't function can you get a kidney stone?

If your kidneys don't work, you get very ill, very quickly. Kidney stones are irrelevant in this connection. I have kidney failure and one of the first things that happened to me was I got kidney stones. I don't know if this is typical of kidney failure.

Can you claim disability if kidney stones are large?

If you have large kidney stones, you should be more concerned about your health than whether or not you can collect money for it. Get the surgery and go back to work.

Is there treatment for kidney stones that work?

Though it depends on the person and the stone that is involved, there are treatments for kidney stones. Lithotripsy, a common procedure to treat kidney stones, involves using ultrasound (sound waves) to break the stones into smaller pieces to make passing the stone less painful and easier. The doctor may also go up with a small tube to "grab" the stone.

Can you get another kidney stone after having one?

Unfortunately, yes. Â?In fact, people are more prone to kidney stones after getting one. Â?When you have Â?kidney stones, the doctor should investigate to see what is causing them. Â?Often, there is no clear reason. Â?The best way to avoid them is to drink a minimum of 3 litres of water in 24 hours, and make a habit of it, because dehydration is a major contributor to kidney stones, especially in people who work hard physically in hot conditions.

How do you cure kindy stones?

How to cure kidney stones 100% 100% curability of kidney stones. Berberis vulgaris extract... fifteen to twenty drops in 1/3 glass of water, four times a day. Cantharis 30c three drops per dose thrice daily. This will effect a cure in two to three months time. This will work, or you should speak to your local doctor about what you have.

How do you take care or your Urinary system?

In most cases the urinary system will work very nicely if you just urinate when you are full, but there is a risk of kidney stones if you are not drinking enough fluids to generate a healthy flow. If you are prone to kidney stones you should be drinking two to three liters of fluid (water, fruit juice, coffee etc.) per day. If you are not prone to kidney stones, you can get away with one liter per day, but it will do you no harm to drink a larger amount if you so desire.

Why do men have kidney stones?

their kidneys were unhealthy so they get stones in their kidneys... drink alot of water to prevent that Not sure where this person was coming from but decided to leave it there as this is a common misconception. Kidney stones can be caused by several things; yes some unhealthy lifestyle choices may contribute but many people are in perfect health otherwise yet they have a stone. For example my body does not absorb calcium as well as others due. This is just genetic something I was born with. It has cause build ups of calcium oxalate in my kidney which then become stones. I am 28yrs old, eat very healthy, stay hydrated and work out and while this will prevent some stones i am told by a specialist that I will probably have stones once in a while the rest of my life. It is always good to drink a lot of water and dehydration can certainly damage the kidney, but that alone will do next to nothing in the prevention of a kidney stone. If you have them try to catch one, find out what it's made of and discuss with your Doc the best treatment for you.

What stones work on Eevee?

fire,thunder,water stones work on eevee

Does the liver work with the heart?

well the blood is pumped from the heart to the kidney so the kidney cleans it therefore a heart can work with the kidney

What is the best homeopathic remedy to treat large kidney stones?

Easy, go see a doctor. What do you call homeopathic remedies that have been scientifically tested and work?? MODERN MEDICINE.

Why would you need a kidney transplant?

If a kidney does not work properly, some patients are put on dialysis, a machine that will do the work of the kidneys - filtering germs and other things from the body. Other times, people receive a kidney transplant. This is when the kidney of someone else is put into your body to work for you.

Why would you need to get a kidney transplant?

If a kidney does not work properly, some patients are put on dialysis, a machine that will do the work of the kidneys - filtering germs and other things from the body. Other times, people receive a kidney transplant. This is when the kidney of someone else is put into your body to work for you.

Who works with precious metals and stones?

Jewelers work with precious metals and stones.

How does transplantation kidney work?

in health

Can a transplanted kidney work for many years?

I had a kidney transplant 19 years ago.

Can a person live with one kidney?

Yes. Because if one kidney is removed because of a disease, the other kidney can perform the work of two.

What organs does the kidney work with?

kiyasan rules

What other systems does the kidney work with?


How much is 83 kg in stones?

13.0702627 stones == Google calculator can work out conversions for you, just type (for example): 83 kg in stones

Where Can a 14 year old with a work permit work at?

cold stones

How does the kidney work with the bladder?

The kidney helps filter the urine and then stores the urine in the bladder until needed.

What could be the cause of frequent urination in canines?

2. Diabetes go to this link, I have a diabetic pet 1. Can be a sign of kidney stones/disease, bladder stones, UTI, or too many six packs down the gullet while you're at work... See your vet!

Is renavive for kidney stone treatment a scam?

I ordered Renavive because I have had kidney stones recurring for a number of years. They were painful but not so bad that I had to go to the hospital. I initially ordered a three month supply of Renavive (taking 2 a day). My kidney stone problem seemed to go away during this period. Then I stopped taking it and had several more attacks of kidney stones. So I reordered it and for a couple of months took 2 a day and now I take just a maintenance dose of one in the morning with a big glass of water and I haven't had any stones for probably 5 or 6 months. I can't speak for anyone else, but it seems to work for me and I probably will continue the 1-a-day dose for quite a while; small price to pay to not have that excruciating pain.

Is a nephron a molecule?

A Nephron is the basic structural and functional unit of the kidney. It's not a molecule, more likely a small portion of the kidney that helps the kidney work.