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Does urine stop pain in bee stings?

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Answered 2014-03-12 21:16:11

No..that's an old wifes tale. Try some insect bite creams from the RX drug store.


Never heard of that. I have heard of making a paste of tenderizer and a small amount of water to put on a sting. Also baking soda paste.

Absolutely! It is not a wife's tale at all. When I was young and we were working out in the woods and got stung, the first thing we did is pee on it. I think it is the amonia in the urine. These other guys that answered are city people. It is country people that know about this home remedy.

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Answered 2020-06-07 05:59:41

Ive done remove stinger use urine procedure all my life and the difference is astonshing in both pain and swelling. HOWEVER it may have just been that for me, placebos do wonders for my pain tolerance. Id still say try it, worse case scenario you learn placebos dont work for you that much.

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Why does bee sting cause pain and irritation?

B/c the bee, as it stings, injects a venom that the body reacts to.

What symptoms are caused by bee and wasp stings?

The familiar symptoms of bee and wasp stings include pain, redness, swelling, and itchiness in the area of the sting. Multiple stings can have much more severe consequences, such as anaphylaxis, a life-threatening.

How does toothpaste cure bee and wasp stings?

Toothpaste reduces the pain and swelling of a bee sting (because toothpaste is a base and the bee sting is acidic) Toothpaste doesn't help wasp stings because wasp stings and toothpaste are alkali. (However vinegar works well on wasp stings because vinegar is acidic)

Why are wasp stings and bee stings treated differently?

Because Bee stings are acidic but Wasp stings are alkali and bee with bee stings they leave the stinger in you

What are bee stings?

Bee stings are when a bee stinger brakes though skin and Excrete poison.

How many honey bee stings can kill?

1000 bee stings can kill an adult, but 500 bee stings can kill a child. So there you have it. :)

Can a person who is allergic to bee stings eat honey?

Yes! Actually, you can even put honey on a bee sting to reduce the pain.

What happens if a bee attacks a rabbit?

If a bee stings a rabbit, the rabbit will experience pain and swelling in the area of the sting but will usually survive.

Do bee stings leave scars?

Bee stings do not usually leave scars.

How dangerous are bee stings?

it depends on if you are allergic and what type of bee. bee stings can be deadly to some people.

Is a bee sting poisonus?

some bee stings are poisonous. but some bee stings ain't poisonous.

Does toothpaste ease bee stings?

yes because the alkali will ease the pain and get rid of the venom.

How does one alleviate the pain of a bee sting?

Bee stings can be very painful. This pain can be alleviated by placing an ice pack on the site of the sting. Tylenol can also be taken to reduce pain over time.

Is there venom in bee stings?

No, there is no venom in bee stings. My friend got stung by a bee , and she's still alive.

When a bee stings you does it get very itchy?

Yes, bee stings often swell and then itch.

What bee die after it stings?

only the honey bee dies after it stings, in about 10 minutes

What type of acid is found in bee stings?

Bee venom is acidic, but pain is not caused by acid, it's caused by melittin, which is a peptide (small protein).

Is bee stings an acid or alkali?

== == Bee sting venom is acidic and so its effects can be neutralised with bicarbonate of soda or alkali and this reaction reduces the pain.

What happens if a bee stings?

The bee dies

How does copper remove bee stings?

it is a special chemical inside the copper that removes bee stings

How bees stings effect people?

When a bee stings you, the bee injects a liquid that is painful to your skin. And when the bee injects the liquid, it dies

Can you describe a bee stinger?

a bee stinger is small and thin and it is also pointy. if a bee stings you then the stinger gets stuck in you and you will have to pull it out and after the bee stings you it dies.

Can you have the H1N1 vaccine if you may be allergic to bee stings?

yes, it has nothing to do with being allergic to bee stings.

How long does a bee live after it stings?

a bee lives one second after it stings you so shut up

Why do you put milk on bee stings?

Bee stings a acidic and since milk is a base it cancels out the acid.