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Some opinions of Firdaus Oil are:

  • Firdaus oil does indeed show progress in your facial hair growth, just aplly Frdaus oil about 2 times a day and shave often.
  • No, facial hair pattern is genetic.
  • A method which is medically correct is face massage
Face Massage
  • Relaxes the face muscles
  • Increases circulation and thereby supports the release of toxins
  • Rejuvenates the skin
  • Prevents acne and wrinkles
  • Enhances beauty
  • Increases hair growth (due to the afore said method of stimuli)
  • The ingredients in Firdaus oil are Resorcinol, Alfa naphtol, Quinine HCI, Allantoin, Egg oil, Oleum ricini, Oleum olivarum.
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Q: Does using Firdaus oil increase facial hair growth?
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You can't increase facial hair, strictly speaking. What hair folicles you have, you have; you can't rearrange DNA. You can try to thicken the hair using creams and the like, but they probably won't do all that much. Some people have a lot of facial hair, some don't.

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Does using olive oil increase facial hair growth?

no whoever told you that isn't the brightest there is no proven method on how to increase facial hair except get vitimins that help grow hair look it up and shave more often can make it darker. EDIT: shaving does not make it thicker nor darker, this old wives trick does not work it is a illusion because when hair grows in it its thicker at the base and becomes more whispy as it gets longer.

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The benefits of using a facial toner are that is it removes any excess cleanser and closes the pores after cleansing therefore preventing open pores.

How to make the facial hair grow faster?

Tips to make the facial hair grow faster: 1. Do not shave or wax facial hair for some weeks. 2. Eat a well balanced diet including vitamin b, iron, silica and zinc. 3. Drink plenty of water to keep your skin hydrated and free from toxins. 4. Take enough sleep. 5. Apply a castor oil or petroleum jelly on the face using a cotton ball. Castor oil and petroleum jelly increase hair growth.

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How can you grow facial hair if you are an Asian?

why do you need to grow facial hair? people who already with hair on their face feels uncomfortable sometimes especially if few days unshaven! anyway, there so many ways to do it either using hormone and apply some oils which meant for hair growth. consult your physicians or any pharmacist.

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What chemical will they be using? Follow the directions from there.

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Using facial scrub always open my pores.

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Virtually all facial expressions cause wrinkles to form. That is one reason using some injected chemicals for wrinkles freeze a muscle or three and cause that person to be ubable to make certain facial expressions. Wrinkles, and dry skin, can be eased by thorough cleansing every night, using facial moisturizer, and using an eye moisturizer.